General description of the offline data analysis package for GMRT

Program Name Purpose
antsol Compute the antenna based gains from point source visibility data
calibbp Perform time and bandpass calibration
chavg Filter to average the data in a LTA file in time and/or frequency.
closure Compute closure phases
fixit Edit/change the keywords in LTA header records
gl2fit To convert LTA file to FITS file. This has now been replaced by gvfit.
lin Program to remove a linear fit from the spectra of all cross baselines.
ltacat Concatenate one or more LTA files
ltacleanup Perform some consistency checks on LTA file and if possible correct inconsistencies
ltainfo Produce a one line summary of LTA files.
mpsrvr The multi-panel, line plotting server.
oddix For online display of visibility data using xtract
offstop Program for offline fringe stopping.
rantsol Robust computation of antenna based complex gains from point source visibility data.
This is much less sensitive to bad data than antsol or the AIPS/AIPS++ implementations.
Here is more detailed note on the subject.
SAODisp Filter to read xtract output and pass on to SAOtng for display.
shadow Compute the geometric shadowing of antennas
tmac Reject data which is out of time-order
tax A specialization of xtract for graphical display of the data
xtract Extract and plot data from LTA file. Here is the detailed design document.
            source /astro/ifrsoft/lib/RC
             source /astro/ifrsoft/lib/RC.csh