Some stuff that may be useful to others, or reference for myself.

EVLA correlator binary output data format document

This document is available in both html and pdf formats. Warning: this document is out of date, and will be superseded by a joint EVLA/ALMA document.

WIDAR correlator backend software design document

This document is revised rather often; the most recent version will always be available here. Read it in html format for on-line joy, or download it as a pdf document (primarily for the paper dependent).

Draft WIDAR binary lag set format specification

Version 1.0rc2 of joint EVLA+ALMA Binary Data Format Specification

This version of the document is made available for an internal EVLA review occurring as part of the process leading to formal acceptance of the final version by both projects. Not included in this version of the document are the instructions for retrieving the document from revision control, or the XML schema that will accompany the document in the revision control system.

XML schema files for the specification are also here.

Version 1.0 of joint EVLA+ALMA Binary Data Format Specification

Version 1.0 of the document is now available in PDF format either without or with changebars indicating the modifications that resulted from comments received during the review period. Also available: a document with the list of review comments and responses, initialed by one or both authors to indicate that the comment has been addressed as agreed; and the action item/decision document (similarly annotated) created after the BDF review telecon of 7 April 2008.

WCBE subsystem overview man page

This document is a man page giving a high-level overview of the WIDAR CBE subsystem, its various components, what the components do, and how to get everything running. It is somewhat geared to the PTC installation, but not entirely. There should be more detailed man pages for the individual components in the future (can't say when).

VLA visibility stream