Alma Benchmark Page

This server has ALMA Offline Data Reduction Package benchmark results.

Plan for AIPS++ Performance Testing (May 8, 2003)
ALMA SSR Requirements for the AIPS++ Benchmark Effort (Revised May 28, 2004 to include Test Case 3)
Background Details of Performance Test Cases 1 and 2
ALMA DRP Benchmark Results on
     Test Case #1 [Grav Lens 0957]  (AIPS++ vs AIPS/Miriad)
     Test Case #2 [GGTau]                (AIPS++ vs Gildas)
     Test Case #3 [G192]                   (AIPS++ vs AIPS)

AIPS++ Project Benchmark Work

Benchmarking in AIPS++ (2003/02/04)
Report on evolution of imager performance (2003/08/01)
Report on evolution of calibrater performance
Report on evolution of imager I/O performance (2003/09/29)

Other ALMA Offline DRP Tests and Plans

ALMA SW-019: AIPS++ Audit for ALMA Offline DRP
ALMA Memo #474: IRAM/AIPS++ Test: Phase III
Plan for User Tests of ALMA Software
Dominique Broguiere's AIPS++/Gildas Benchmark Page

Astronomical DRP Benchmark Literature Links

AIPS++ Benchmark Module
MIRIAD Benchmarks by Peter Teuben
AIPS Benchmarks (Dirty Dozen Tests)
Y2K, a new DDT, and AIPSMark Measurements by Eric Greisen