Hardware Specifications

SuperMicro X5DPE-G2 E7501 Dual-S604 Xeon DDR Motherboard
Dual Intel Xeon 2.66GHz / 512K L2 OD Cache / 533Mhz FSB
2048MB (4x512MB) PC2100 ECC-DDR266-SDRAM (Registered)
Western Digital 120GB IDE / 7200RPM ATA100 w/ 8MB Cache HDDs (x2)
Intel 82546EB Dual-Port Gigabit Ethernet Onboard

Memory Information
Memory:      Total
Mem:       2064196
Swap:      4096552

OS Information
Shiraz ran RH8 until Jan 16, 2004.
It was upgraded to RH9 on Jan 16, 2004.

Kernel Ring Buffer Messages:
dmesg output after 16 Jan 2004
Prior to 16 Jan 2004 (Summary)