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I used to be with the AIPS++ group.

But now I am with CASA .


Some notes

Multi-thread gridding or in pdf

Reducing the need for boxing/masking or interactive CLEAN by Non-Amnesic CLEAN or in pdf

Directory to share files with colleagues.

A sleeping manatee in space ?

Some ALMA historical benchmarks

Some fora or forums you may want to visit before worrying about who to contact (including one for discussing coding in casa)

A google CASA Users Group you may want to check to get some questions answered or generate discussions of interest.

The curse of attending a "No agenda meeting".

Marcel's blog.

I have worked on a Low frequency (151.5 MHz) radio telescope for a southern sky survey called the Mauritius Radio Telescope (MRT).

Some of the publicly available images and catalogue out of the data collected by the MRT can be accessed here at the Raman Research Institute.

"Icarus", the MRT web server is gone but its content is saved at the Wayback machine. Check it out if you are looking for something specific.

Of useless things saved here is my cookies page from my youth on the Wayback machine.

For non-work related issues my home page is here or i can be contacted on kgolap at

Le temps fini, mais encore ena kitsoz pu faire !