Abstracts - GCNEWS, Vol. 4, February 1997


A Newsletter for Galactic Center Research
This Volume was edited by Angela Cotera & Heino Falcke
email: gcnews@aoc.nrao.edu

Volume 4, February 1997 - ABSTRACTS

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  1. `` A Hot Ring in the Sgr B2 molecular cloud''
    P. de Vicente, J. Martin-Pintado, & T. L. Wilson (
    Paper: to appear in A&A [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Tue Oct 29 09:36:43 EST 1996)

  2. `` SiO Maser Sources toward the Sgr B2 Molecular Cloud''
    Shigetomo Shiki, Masatoshi Ohishi, and Shuji Deguchi (
    Paper: to appear in Ap. J. March 20, 1997 issue [Abstract] (Tue Oct 29 09:52:12 EST 1996)

  3. ``Detection of high velocity 26Al towards the Galactic centre''
    Juan E. Naya, Scott D. Barthelmy, Lyle M. Bartlett, Neil Gehrels, Marvin Leventhal, Ann Parsons, Bonnard J. Teegarden, & Jack Tueller (
    Paper: Letter to Nature, Vol. 384, p. 44 (1996) [Abstract, Txt] (Thu Nov 7 02:56:04 EST 1996)

  4. `` The Position of Sagittarius A*: Accurate Alignment of the Radio and Infrared Reference Frames at the Galactic Center''
    Karl M. Menten, Mark J. Reid, Andreas Eckart, & Reinhard Genzel (
    Paper: ApJ 475, L111 (1997) [Abstract, Tex, Paper, Fig.1, Fig.2] (Mon Nov 11 19:31:31 EST 1996)

  5. ``Accretion Disk Evolution With Wind Infall I. General Solution and Application to Sgr A*''
    Heino Falcke, & Fulvio Melia (
    Paper: ApJ 479, in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Tue Nov 12 17:45:07 EST 1996)

  6. ``The Nature of the Faraday Screen Toward the Galactic, Center Nonthermal Filament G359.54+0.18''
    F. Yusef-Zadeh, M. Wardle, P. Parastaran (
    Paper: ApJ 475, L119 (1997) [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Tue Dec 3 10:05:57 EST 1996)

  7. ``A Maximum Entropy Map of the 511 keV Positron Annihilation Line Emission Distribution Near the Galactic Center''
    L.X. Cheng, M. Leventhal, D.M. Smith, W.R. Purcell, J. Tueller, A. Connors, D. Dixon, R.L. Kinzer, J.G. Skibo (
    Paper: submitted to ApJ Letters [Abstract] (Tue Feb 4 11:59:25 EST 1997)

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