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GCNEWS Vol. 26, April 2007
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The Mass Function of Active Black Holes
in the Local Universe

Comparison of the mass functions of inactive supermassive black holes (analogs to Sgr~A*) and supermassive black holes in broad-line hosting galaxies. The ratio between the total inactive mass function and each population is shown in the bottom panel. The vertical line indicates the point at which the conversion from galaxy luminosity to BH mass becomes quite uncertain. Also shown is a comparison of the inactive BH mass function (dashed) with the active mass function in different Eddington ratio bins (solid symbols). It is clear that all high-mass BHs are radiating at very low Eddington ratios. For more details, see invited article by Greene & Ho. (Figure courtesy J. Greene)}
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Table of Contents

  1. In the News - Joseph Lazio & Sera Markoff
    1. International GC Research & Meetings - Masaaki Sakano, Mami Machida & Joseph Lazio
    2. Upcoming GC Meetings

  2. Invited Article Jenny Greene & Luis Ho
  3. Abstracts of recently submitted papers
  4. Announcements
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