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Volume 25, December 2006 - Coverpage

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GCNEWS Vol. 25, December 2006
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Orbits and Origins of the Young Stars
in the Central Parsec

Figure 1: : The distribution of orbital planes as determined from individual stellar orbits. The normal vector for each star's orbital plane, plus the associated uncertainty in that vector, describes a cone in 3D space. This cone can be projected as an elliptical region onto a celestial sphere centered on the black hole. The projected 3 sigma region of the normal vectors are plotted on an Aitoff projection of this celestial sphere with clockwise rotators in red and counter-clockwise in blue. See article for more details. Image credit: J. Lu & collaborators.
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Table of Contents

  1. In the News - Cornelia Lang & Rainer Schödel
    1. International GC Research & Meetings - Feng Yuan, Masaaki Sakano & Joseph Lazio
    2. Upcoming GC Meetings

  2. Invited Article Jessica Lu et al.
  3. Abstracts of recently submitted papers
  4. Announcements
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