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A Newsletter for Galactic Center Research
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Volume 24, July 2006 - ABSTRACTS

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  1. ``Folded Fields as the Source of Extreme Radio-Wave Scattering in the Galactic Center''
    Peter Goldreich and S. Sridhar (
    Paper: APJL, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Mar 3 01:27:53 MST 2006 )

  2. ``The Two Young Star Disks in the Central Parsec of the Galaxy: Properties, Dynamics and Formation''
    T. Paumard, R. Genzel, F. Martins, S. Nayakshin, A. M. Beloborodov, Y. Levin, S. Trippe, F. Eisenhauer, T. Ott, S. Gillessen, R. Abuter, J. Cuadra, T. Alexander, A. Sternberg (
    Paper: ApJ, 2006, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Mar 3 03:34:30 MST 2006 )

  3. ``Understanding the Stellar Initial Mass Function''
    Richard B. Larson (
    Paper: Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica, [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Sun Mar 5 15:22:43 MST 2006 )

  4. ``Testing the Stochastic Acceleration Model for Flares in Sagittarius A*''
    Siming Liu, Vahé Petrosian, Fulvio Melia, and Christopher L. Fryer (
    Paper: ApJL, submitted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Mar 6 10:33:54 MST 2006 )

  5. ``Stochastic Acceleration in the Galactic Center HESS Source''
    Siming Liu, Fulvio Melia, Vahé Petrosian and Marco Fatuzzo (
    Paper: ApJ, Submitted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Mar 6 10:34:54 MST 2006 )

  6. ``Sgr A* as probe of the theory of supermassive compact objects without event horizon''
    L. Verozub (
    Paper: [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Mar 9 12:03:40 MST 2006 )

  7. ``Complex small-scale structure in the infrared extinction towards the Galactic Centre''
    Andrew J. Gosling, Katherine M. Blundell, Reba Bandyopadhyay (
    Paper: ApJL accepted, Feb 2006 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Mar 13 04:05:02 MST 2006 )

  8. ``Stellar remnants in galactic nuclei: mass segregation''
    Marc Freitag, Pau Amaro-Seoane, Vassiliki Kalogera (
    Paper: ApJ, Mar 2006, submitted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Mar 20 08:36:54 MST 2006 )

  9. ``Challenges in Detecting Gamma-Rays From Dark Matter Annihilations in the Galactic Center''
    Gabrijela Zaharijas and Dan Hooper (
    Paper: astro-ph/0603540 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Tue Mar 21 17:22:13 MST 2006 )

    K. S. Cheng, D. O. Chernyshov, and V. A. Dogiel (
    Paper: accepted by ApJ [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Mar 27 19:44:17 MST 2006 )

  11. ``Testing RIAF model for Sgr A* using the size measurements''
    Feng Yuan, Zhi-Qiang Shen and Lei Huang (
    Paper: ApJL, 2006 in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Wed Mar 29 04:59:22 MST 2006 )

  12. ``Particle Re-Acceleration in Colliding Winds Systems? Radio, X-ray, and gamma -ray Emission Models of WR 140''
    J.M. Pittard and S.M. Dougherty (
    Paper: MNRAS, submitted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Mar 30 05:06:44 MST 2006 )

  13. ``Recent star formation in the inner Galactic Bulge seen by ISOGAL''
    F. Schuller, A. Omont, I. S. Glass, M. Schultheis, M. P. Egan & S. D. Price (
    Paper: A&A, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Mar 31 09:18:06 MST 2006 )

  14. ``Hot Accretion With Conduction: Spontaneous Thermal Outflows''
    Takamitsu Tanaka, Kristen Menou (
    Paper: ApJ, Apr 2006, submitted [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Wed Apr 26 08:15:28 MDT 2006 )

  15. ``Relativistic periastron precession and frame dragging of stellar orbits in the central arcsecond of our Galaxy''
    G. V. Kraniotis (
    Paper: Classical & Quantum Gravity [Abstract, Tex] (Wed Apr 26 14:12:42 MDT 2006 )

  16. ``A Viscous Heating Mechanism for the Hot Plasma in the Galactic Center Region''
    R. Belmont & M. Tagger (
    Paper: A&A, Mar 2006, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Apr 26 17:22:51 MDT 2006 )

  17. `` The pattern of accretion flow onto Sgr A*''
    Monika Mo\'scibrodzka, Tapas K. Das, Bozena Czerny (
    Paper: astro-ph/0604516 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Apr 27 10:01:24 MDT 2006 )

  18. ``Near-IR Spectroscopy of OH/IR stars in the Galactic Centre''
    E. Vanhollebeke & J.A.D.L. Blommaert & M. Schultheis & B. Aringer & A. Lanccon (
    Paper: A&A accepted for publication on 18/04/2006 [Abstract, Tex] (Tue May 2 02:25:45 MDT 2006 )

  19. ``Diffraction Limited Imaging Spectroscopy of the SgrA* Region using OSIRIS, a new Keck Instrument''
    A. Krabbe, C. Iserlohe J. E. Larkin, M. Barczys, M. McElwain, J. Weiss, S. A. Wright A. Quirrenbach (
    Paper: ApJ 2006, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri May 12 05:04:32 MDT 2006 )

  20. ``Exploring High-Velocity NH3(6,6) Emission at the Center of our Galaxy''
    Jennifer L. Donovan, Robeson M. Herrnstein, and Paul T.P. Ho (
    Paper: ApJ, Aug 2006, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon May 15 09:31:53 MDT 2006 )

    M. A. Requena-Torres, J. Martín-Pintado, A. Rodríguez-Franco, S. Martín, N. J. Rodríguez-Fernández, and P. de Vicente (
    Paper: A&A accepted [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Thu May 18 08:27:40 MDT 2006 )

  22. ``Coupling the dynamics and the molecular chemistry in the Galactic center''
    N. J. Rodriguez-Fernandez & F. Combes & J. Martin-Pintado & T. L. Wilson & A. Apponi (
    Paper: A&A in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Sat May 20 09:04:26 MDT 2006 )

  23. `` Flaring Activity of Sgr A* at 43 and 22 GHz: Evidence for Expanding Hot Plasma''
    F. Yusef-Zadeh, D. Roberts, M. Wardle, C. O. Heinke, G. C. Bower (
    Paper: ApJ (in press) [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed May 24 22:44:12 MDT 2006 )

  24. ``Unveiling the nature of the highly absorbed X-ray source SAX J1748.2-2808 with XMM-Newton''
    L. Sidoli, S. Mereghetti, F. Favata, T. Oosterbroek & A.N. Parmar (
    Paper: A&A, 2006, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Jun 14 10:45:07 MST 2006 )

  25. ``The Rotation Measure and 3.5 mm Polarization of Sgr A*''
    Jean-Pierre Macquart, Geoffrey C. Bower, Melvyn C.H. Wright, Donald C. Backer, Heino Falcke (
    Paper: ApJ Lett, Jun 2006, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Jun 16 12:35:30 MDT 2006 )

  26. ``The Interplay between Star Formation and the Nuclear Environment of our Galaxy: Deep X-ray Observations of the Galactic Center Arches and Quintuplet Clusters''
    Q. Daniel Wang, Hui Dong and Cornelia Lang (
    Paper: MNRAS in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Fri Jun 16 16:44:33 MDT 2006 )

  27. ``Chandra Observations of Galactic Center: High Energy Processes at Arcsecond Resolution''
    Q. Daniel Wang (
    Paper: GC2006 Invited Talk [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Fri Jun 16 16:44:38 MDT 2006 )

  28. ``Massive perturber-driven interactions of stars with a massive black hole''
    Hagai B. Perets, Clovis Hopman and Tal Alexander (
    Paper: submitted to ApJ [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Jun 19 07:14:20 MDT 2006 )

  29. ``Cluster Core Dynamics in the Galactic Center''
    Steven J. Berukoff and Bradley M.S. Hansen (
    Paper: ApJ, Oct 2006, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Jul 6 07:43:26 MDT 2006 )

  30. ``Identification of the Infrared Counterpart to a Newly Discovered X-ray Source in the Galactic Center''
    Valerie J. Mikles Stephen S. Eikenberry Michael P. Muno Reba M. Bandyopadhyay Shannon Patel (
    Paper: ApJ, Oct 2006, in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Wed Jul 12 09:32:13 MDT 2006 )

  31. ``The Distance to the Galactic Center Derived From Infrared Photometry of Bulge Red Clump Stars''
    Shogo Nishiyama, Tetsuya Nagata, Shuji Sato, Daisuke Kato, Takahiro Nagayama, Nobuhiko Kusakabe, Noriyuki Matsunaga, Takahiro Naoi, Koji Sugitani, and Motohide Tamura (
    Paper: ApJ, Aug 2006, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Tue Jul 18 04:25:40 MDT 2006 )

  32. ``Guaranteed and Prospective Galactic TeV Neutrino Sources''
    Matthew D. Kistler John F. Beacom (
    Paper: astro-ph/0607082 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Jul 20 11:18:47 MDT 2006 )

  33. ``X-ray Radiation from the Annihilation of Dark Matter at the Galactic Center''
    Lars Bergström Malcolm Fairbairn Lidia Pieri (
    Paper: astro-ph/0607327 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Jul 21 03:55:37 MDT 2006 )

  34. ``Young stars in the Galactic Centre: a potential intermediate-mass star origin''
    L. M. Dray, A. R. King and M. B. Davies (
    Paper: MNRAS accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Jul 21 07:35:48 MDT 2006 )

  35. ``The K-band Spectrum of The Hot Star in IRS 8: An Outsider in the Galactic Center?''
    T. R. Geballe, F. Najarro, F. Rigaut, J.-R. Roy (
    Paper: ApJ, 10 Nov 2006, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Jul 24 16:19:39 MDT 2006 )

  36. ``Ejection of Hyper-Velocity Stars from the Galactic Centre by Intermediate-Mass Black Holes''
    H. Baumgardt, A. Gualandris and S. Portegies Zwart (
    Paper: MNRAS in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Tue Jul 25 04:03:16 MDT 2006 )

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