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A Newsletter for Galactic Center Research
This Volume was edited by Sera Markoff, Loránt Sjouwerman, Joseph Lazio, Cornelia Lang, Rainer Schödel & Robin Herrnstein

Volume 22, November 2005 - Coverpage

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GCNEWS Vol. 22, November 2005
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2006: The Year of the GC Meetings

Figure 1: : NIR View of the GC with NAOS/CONICA at the ESO VLT. The image has been composed using an image with the L' (3.8 micron) broad-band filter and two images with narrow band filters centered at 2.36 micron and 2.18 micron. All observations were obtained in July 2004 with the NACO adaptive optics system/NIR camera at unit telescope 4 (Yepun) of the ESO VLT observatory on Paranal, Chile. The field-of-view is approximately 30x30'' or 1.1x1.1pc. Image credit: R. Schödel, University of Cologne.
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Table of Contents

  1. In the News - Robin Herrnstein
    1. "Upcoming GC Meetings"

  2. Abstracts of recently submitted papers
  3. Announcements
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