GCNews Vol.2, Conference Announcement QPS Mini-Workshop


A Newsletter for Galactic Center Research
This Volume was edited by Angela Cotera & Heino Falcke
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A Specialized Mini-Workshop will be held at UCLA on
September 19 & 20, 1996

QPS: A Rosetta Stone for Understanding Large-Scale MHD Activity near the Galactic Center?

QPS is the Quintuplet(AFGL2004)/Pistol(G0.15-0.05)/Sickle (G0.18-0.04) complex located at the intersection of the Radio Arc with the Galactic plane. At the present time, a number of groups are studying this fascinating region with a variety of techniques, so we propose to have an informal meeting of minds about the nature of the interactions taking place there. The discussion will be focussed on four areas: Related topics, such as the neighboring ``radio arches'' and the possibly associated stellar cluster can also be addressed, time permitting.

If you wish to attend, please send a message to Mark Morris (Morris@astro.ucla.edu), stating whether you wish to present a 15-to-30 minute paper, and if so, what its title will be. We can help with hotel reservations in Westwood, with sufficient advance notice, so please state which nights you would like to have a room. The schedule will only be set after we have assessed the response to the announcement. Friday afternoon, September 20 will tentatively not be scheduled, unless the response is quite strong. We now expect 15 to 25 attendees.

Further information will be sent to those who respond to this announcement. Please note that this meeting is unfunded, so we will not be offering assistance for travel or subsistence.

Organizing committee:

Mark Morris,
Don Figer,
Cornelia Lang,
Gene Serabyn.

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