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This Volume was edited by Sera Markoff, Loránt Sjouwerman, Joseph Lazio, Cornelia Lang & Rainer Schödel
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Volume 17, March 2004 - Announcements

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How many of you knew that Sgr A* was only 30? Well, maybe that is not strictly the case, but in our Earth-centric reckoning it may as well be. And in order to commemorate the anniversary of Sgr A*'s discovery as a compact radio core 30 years ago, a small workshop has been organized for March 25-26 at the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia. Because of the extremely limited size of facilities, participation was capped at about 50 people, and has already been finalized. The program can be found online at http://www.gb.nrao.edu/workshops/sgraws.shtml.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming meeting announcements. With all the new results coming out, there has been plenty of discussion about the need for another workshop...

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