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A Newsletter for Galactic Center Research
This Volume was edited by Sera Markoff, Loránt Sjouwerman, Joseph Lazio, Cornelia Lang & Rainer Schödel
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Volume 17, March 2004 - ABSTRACTS

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  1. ``From the Circumnuclear Disk in the Galactic Center to thick, obscuring tori of AGNs''
    B. Vollmer, T. Beckert, & W.J. Duschl (
    Paper: A&A, 2003, accepted for publication [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Tue Oct 14 02:47:05 MDT 2003 )

  2. ``18-cm VLA observations of OH towards the Galactic Centre. Absorption and emission in the four ground-state OH lines''
    R. Karlsson, L. O. Sjouwerman, Aa. Sandqvist, J. B. Whiteoak (
    Paper: A&A 403, 1011 (2003) [Abstract, Tex] (Fri Oct 17 08:27:33 MDT 2003 )

  3. ``Odin observations of H2O in the Galactic Centre''
    Aa. Sandqvist & P. Bergman & J.H. Black & R. Booth & V. Buat & C.L. Curry & P. Encrenaz & E. Falgarone & P. Feldman & M. Fich & H.G. Floren & U. Frisk & M. Gerin & E.M. Gregersen & J. Harju & T. Hasegawa & Å . Hjalmarson & L.E.B. Johansson & S. Kwok & B. Larsson & A. Lecacheux & T. Liljeström & M. Lindqvist & R. Liseau & K. Mattila & G.F. Mitchell & L. Nordh & M. Olberg & A.O.H. Olofsson & G. Olofsson & L. Pagani & R. Plume & I. Ristorcelli & F.v. Schéele & G. Serra & N.F.H. Tothill & K. Volk & C.D. Wilson & A. Winnberg (
    Paper: A&A 402, L63 (2003) [Abstract, Tex] (Fri Oct 17 08:33:07 MDT 2003 )

  4. ``Observations of gas and dust at the Galactic Centre''
    Glenn J. White, H.A. Smith, G. Stacey, C. Matt Bradford, S.J. Leeks, O. Sweet, J. Fischer (
    Paper: [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Nov 27 12:19:07 MST 2003 )

  5. ``Evolution of the Dark Matter Distribution at the Galactic Center''
    D. Merritt (
    Paper: [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Tue Dec 02 11:07:11 MST 2003 )

  6. ``Detection of Sagittarius A* at 330 MHz with the Very Large Array''
    Michael E. Nord, T. Joseph W. Lazio, Namir E. Kassim W. M. Goss N. Duric (
    Paper: ApJL, Accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Dec 10 11:38:02 MST 2003 )

  7. ``43 GHz SiO Masers and Astrometry with VERA in the Galactic Center''
    Loránt O. Sjouwerman Maria Messineo and Harm J. Habing (
    Paper: PASJ 56 (Feb 2004) accepted [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Wed Jan 14 08:30:22 MST 2004 )

  8. ``Molecular Face-on View of the Galactic Centre: A Molecular Face-on View of the Galactic Centre Region''
    Tsuyoshi Sawada, Tetsuo Hasegawa, Toshihiro Handa and R. J. Cohen, Nobeyama Radio Observatory, 462-2 Nobeyama, Minamimaki, Minamisaku, Nagano 384-1305, Japan, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, 2-21-1 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8588, Japan, Institute of Astronomy, University of Tokyo, 2-21-1 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-0015, Japan, Jodrell Bank Observatory, University of Manchester, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 9DL (
    Paper: MNRAS, accepted [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Thu Jan 15 07:44:56 MST 2004 )

  9. ``86 GHz SiO maser survey of late-type stars in the Inner Galaxy II. Infrared photometry of the SiO Target Stars''
    M. Messineo & H. J. Habing & K. M. Menten & A. Omont & L. O. Sjouwerman (
    Paper: A&A in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Jan 16 10:12:42 MST 2004 )

  10. ``On The Nature of the Variable Infrared Emission from Sgr A*''
    Feng Yuan, Eliot Quataert, and Ramesh Narayan (
    Paper: ApJ, 2004, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Jan 21 13:55:14 MST 2004 )

  11. ``The last Gamma Ray Burst in our Galaxy? On the observed cosmic ray excess at particle energy 1018 eV''
    Peter L. Biermann, Gustavo Medina Tanco, Ralph Engel, Giovanna Pugliese (
    Paper: ApJLetters, Jan 2004, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Jan 22 06:04:17 MST 2004 )

  12. ``A Radio Outburst Nearly Coincident with the Large X-ray Flare from Sgr A* on 2002-10-03''
    Jun-Hui Zhao, R. M. Herrnstein, G. C. Bower, W. M. Goss and S. M. Liu (
    Paper: accepted by ApJ Letter, [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Jan 23 10:58:04 MST 2004 )

  13. ``A Bow Shock of Heated Dust Surrounding Galactic Center Source IRS 8''
    T. R. Geballe, F. Rigaut, J.-R. Roy, and B. T. Draine (
    Paper: ApJ, Feb 20, 2004, in press [Abstract, Tex] (Mon Jan 26 04:15:49 MST 2004 )

  14. ``New Nonthermal Filaments at the Galactic Center: Are They Tracing a Globally Ordered Magnetic Field?''
    T. N. LaRosa Michael E. Nord T. Joseph W. Lazio & Namir E. Kassim (
    Paper: ApJ, 2004, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Feb 11 11:33:29 MST 2004 )

  15. ``The Variability of Sagittarius A* at Centimeter Wavelengths''
    Robeson M. Herrnstein, Jun-Hui Zhao, Geoffrey C. Bower, and W. M. Goss (
    Paper: AJ, 2004, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Tue Feb 24 19:59:30 MST 2004 )

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