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A Newsletter for Galactic Center Research
This Volume was edited by Angela Cotera, Heino Falcke & Sera Markoff

Volume 14, March 2002 - Coverpage

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GCNEWS Vol. 14, March 2002
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Chandra Surveys the Galactic Center

Figure:: Chandra ``true color'' X-ray mosaic of the central 2 * 0.8 square degree band of the GC region. The three energy bands are 1-3 keV (shown in red), 3-5 keV (green), and 5-8 keV (blue). The spatial resolution ranges from 0.5" on-axis to 5" at the near edge of the CCD and to 10" at the diagonal edge. This image is adaptively smoothed with a signal-to-noise ratio of 3 and is plotted logarithmically to emphasize low surface brightness emission. The saw-shaped boundaries of the map, plotted in Galactic coordinates, results from a specific roll angle of the observations. (see Article by C. Lang).
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Invited Article: Chandra Surveys the Central 300 parsec of the Galaxy (Cornelia C. Lang)

Table of Contents

  1. In the News
    1. A. Cotera: "2002 GC Conference"
    2. S. Stolovy: "GC Highlights from the January AAS"

  2. Invited Article: "Chandra Surveys the Central 300 parsec of the Galaxy", by Cornelia C. Lang
  3. Obituary: "K.R. Anantharamaiah (1952-2001)", by W. Miller Goss & Cornelia C. Lang
  4. Abstracts of recently submitted papers
  5. Announcements
    1. GC 2002 - Conference Survey Results
    2. GC 2002 - Conference Webpages
    3. Sgr A* Observing Campaign
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