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A Newsletter for Galactic Center Research
This Volume was edited by Angela Cotera, Heino Falcke & Sera Markoff
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Volume 14, March 2002 - ABSTRACTS

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  1. ``A New System of Parallel Isolated Nonthermal Filaments Near the Galactic Center: Evidence for a Local Magnetic Field Gradient''
    T. N. LaRosa T. Joseph W. Lazio, Namir E. Kassim (
    Paper: ApJ, 2001 December 10, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Aug 24 05:19:27 MET DST 2001 )

  2. ``ASCA X-ray source catalogue in the Galactic Center region''
    Masaaki Sakano Katsuji Koyama, Hiroshi Murakami Yoshitomo Maeda Shigeo Yamauchi (
    Paper: ApJS, 2001, in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Fri Aug 24 17:50:35 MET DST 2001 )

  3. ``The stability of the Circumnuclear Disk clouds, in the Galactic Centre''
    B. Vollmer & W.J. Duschl (
    Paper: A&A, Aug 2001, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Tue Aug 28 09:06:29 MET DST 2001 )

  4. ``Detection of X-ray Emission from the Arches Cluster Near the Galactic Center''
    F. Yusef-Zadeh, C. Law, M. Wardle, Q. D. Wang, A. Fruscione, C.C. Lang, A. Cotera (
    Paper: ApJ, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Sep 6 21:07:34 MET DST 2001 )

  5. ``The Nature of the 10 Kilosecond X-ray Flare in Sgr A*''
    Sera Markoff, Heino Falcke, Feng Yuan, & Peter L. Biermann (
    Paper: A&A Letters, submitted [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Thu Sep 6 21:10:43 MET DST 2001 )

  6. ``Rapid X-ray flaring from the direction of the supermassive black hole at the Galactic Centre''
    F. K. Baganoff, M. W. Bautz, W. N. Brandt, G. Chartas, E. D. Feigelson, G. P. Garmire, Y. Maeda, M. Morris, G. R. Ricker, L. K. Townsley, and F. Walter (
    Paper: Nature, 413, 45 (2001) [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Sep 24 10:25:31 MET DST 2001 )

  7. ``Unusual diffuse X-ray source in the Galactic center region''
    Atsushi Senda, Hiroshi Murakami, and Katsuji Koyama (
    Paper: ApJ, Feb 2002, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Oct 10 08:17:23 MET DST 2001 )

  8. ``Low-Frequency Radio Transients in the Galactic Center''
    Scott D. Hyman, T. Joseph W. Lazio , Namir E. Kassim (
    Paper: AJ, submitted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Oct 10 10:49:15 MET DST 2001 )

  9. ``SiO Maser Survey in the Galactic Center Region with a Multi-Beam Receiver''
    Atsushi Miyazaki, Shuji Deguchi, Masato Tsuboi, Takashi Kasuga, and Shuro Takano, (
    Paper: PASJ, Vol.53, 501-507 (2001) [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Tue Oct 23 14:31:26 MET DST 2001 )

  10. ``Mass Spectrum of the Galactic Center Molecular Clouds''
    Atsushi Miyazaki, Masato Tsuboi (
    Paper: proceedings of IAU Symp. 205 [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Tue Oct 23 14:55:24 MET DST 2001 )

  11. ``Polarization of X-ray emission from the Sgr B2 cloud''
    E. Churazov, R. Sunyaev, S. Sazonov (
    Paper: MNRAS, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Nov 7 13:27:26 MET 2001 )

  12. ``Using Pulsars to Detect Massive Black Hole Binaries via Gravitational Radiation: Sagittarius A^* and Nearby Galaxies''
    A. N. Lommen and D. C. Backer (
    Paper: Apj, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Nov 7 15:00:50 MET 2001 )

  13. ``Interstellar gas in the Galaxy and the X-ray luminosity of Sgr A* in the recent past''
    C. K. Cramphorn & R. A. Sunyaev (
    Paper: A&A, submitted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Nov 8 10:05:11 MET 2001 )

  14. ``Unified description of dark matter at the center and in the halo of the Galaxy''
    Neven Bilic, Gary B. Tupper, and Raoul D. Viollier (
    Paper: preprint [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Dec 12 17:08:07 MET 2001 )

  15. ``Filaments in the Galactic Center - with special reference to the ``Snake''''
    Geoffrey V. Bicknell, Jianke Li (
    Paper: PASA, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Dec 12 17:09:53 MET 2001 )

  16. ``Production of neutrons, neutrinos and gamma-rays by a very fast pulsar in the Galactic Center region''
    W. Bednarek (
    Paper: MNRAS, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Dec 12 17:12:11 MET 2001 )

  17. ``The Galactic Centre Source IRS 13E: a Post-LBV Wolf-Rayet Colliding Wind Binary?''
    R.F. Coker, J.M. Pittard, J.H. Kastner (
    Paper: A&A, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Dec 12 17:16:31 MET 2001 )

  18. ``Modeling the Galactic Center Nonthermal Filaments as Magnetized Wakes''
    Russell B. Dahlburg , Giorgio Einaudi , T. N. LaRosa , Steven N. Shore (
    Paper: ApJ in press 2002 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Dec 17 18:23:47 MET 2001 )

  19. ``Observations of SiO Maser Sources within a Few Parsecs from the Galactic Center''
    Shuji Deguchi , Takahiro Fujii , Makoto Miyoshi , Jun-ichi Nakashima (
    Paper: PASJ, Feb 2002, in press [Abstract, Tex] (Tue Dec 18 05:17:54 MET 2001 )

  20. ``Circular Polarization of Radio Emission from Relativistic Jets''
    Thomas Beckert & Heino Falcke (
    Paper: A&A, submitted [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Tue Dec 18 09:33:54 MET 2001 )

  21. ``A Jet-ADAF model for Sgr A^*''
    Feng Yuan , Sera Markoff , Heino Falcke (
    Paper: A&A, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Dec 20 13:39:42 MET 2001 )

  22. ``Stellar Orbits Near Sagittarius A*''
    A. Eckart, R. Genzel, T. Ott, R. Schödel (
    Paper: MNRAS, in press [Abstract, Tex] (Thu Dec 20 13:42:47 MET 2001 )

  23. ``Millisecond Pulsars as Probes of Mass Segregation in the Galactic Center''
    Julio Chanamé and Andrew Gould (
    Paper: ApJ, submitted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Dec 21 10:54:54 MET 2001 )

  24. ``Shocked molecular gas towards the SNR G359.1-0.5 and the Snake''
    J. S. Lazendic, M. Wardle, M. G. Burton, F. Yusef-Zadeh, J. B. Whiteoak, A. J. Green, M. C. B. Ashley (
    Paper: MNRAS, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Dec 21 11:19:10 MET 2001 )

  25. ``Diffuse X-rays in the Galactic center region -- The zoo of iron line clumps, non-thermal filaments and hot plasmas''
    Aya Bamba, Hiroshi Murakami, Atsushi, Shin-ichiro Takagi, Jun Yokogawa, Katsuji Koyama (
    Paper: Proceedings of the Symposium "New Visions of the X-ray Universe in the XMM-Newton and Chandra era", Noordwijk-NL, November 2001 [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Fri Feb 1 06:38:06 MET 2002 )

  26. `` On the Nature of the X-ray Emission from the Galactic Center Region''
    Q. D. Wang, E. V. Gotthelf, & C. C. Lang (
    Paper: Nature, 415, 148 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Feb 4 17:40:05 MET 2002 )

  27. ``The Spectrum and Variability of Circular Polarization in Sagittarius A* from 1.4 to 15 GHz''
    Geoffrey C. Bower, Heino Falcke, Robert J. Sault & Donald C. Backer (
    Paper: ApJ 2002 accepted [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Wed Feb 6 22:25:17 MET 2002 )

  28. ``New Constraints on the Nature of Radio Emission in Sagittarius A*''
    Siming Liu and Fulvio Melia (
    Paper: ApJ Letters, 561, L77, (2001) [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Feb 8 18:37:51 MET 2002 )

  29. ``An Accretion-Induced X-ray Flare in Sgr A*''
    Siming Liu and Fulvio Melia (
    Paper: ApJ Letters, Feb (2002) [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Feb 8 18:44:20 MET 2002 )

  30. ``Measuring the Black Hole Spin in Sgr A*''
    Fulvio Melia, Benjamin C. Bromley, Siming Liu, and Christopher K. Walker (
    Paper: ApJ, 554, L37, 2001 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Feb 14 03:51:48 MET 2002 )

  31. ``Polarimetric Imaging of the Massive Black Hole at the Galactic Center''
    Benjamin C. Bromley, Fulvio Melia, and Siming Liu (
    Paper: ApJ, 555, L83, 2001 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Feb 14 03:54:44 MET 2002 )

  32. ``Sgr A* and Sgr A East: Intimate Life in the Galactic Center''
    Tomasz Plewa, & Michal Rozyczka (
    Paper: to appear in M. Rosado, L. Binette and L. Arias, eds, ASP Conf. Series, Proceedings of the Conference Galaxies: the Third Dimension, Cozumel, Mexico, December 3-7, 2001 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Feb 27 16:43:12 MET 2002 )

  33. ``The Origin of X-ray Emission from a Galactic Center Molecular Cloud: Low Energy Cosmic Ray Electrons''
    F. Yusef-Zadeh, C. Law, and M. Wardle (
    Paper: ApJL, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Feb 27 16:49:17 MET 2002 )

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