Slides for presentations by Craig Walker.

   A VLBA Movie of the Jet Launch Region in M87:    A colloquium given at NRL on Jan. 29, 2009. The movies won't play in the pdf file. See my M87 page. for versions that will.

   M87 talk at the VSOP-2 Meeting: (html)   (pdf). This was a presentation at the meeting entitled "Approaching Micro-Arcsecond Resolution with VSOP-2: Astrophysics and Technology" on Dec. 3-7, 2007. The key result in the talk was the still-incomplete movie we are making with the VLBA at 43 GHz. That movie does not show in the html or pdf versions, but a working version can be found on the M87 page.

   Lunch talk on 3C120 .  This was a lunch talk presented in the AOC on 17 October 2001 about the radio source 3C120. There is introductory material about the source, some of my own observational results from VLBI observations going back as far as the late 1970's, and some recent impressive results from the VLBA obtained the Gomez et al.

   THE FINEST DETAIL: WORLDWIDE VLBI .  Presented at the Feb. 2001 AAAS meeting in San Francisco in a session on A TELESCOPE THE SIZE OF THE EARTH: GLOBAL ASTRONOMY NETWORKS.  Most of what is here is also in the VLBI talk above.


   VLBI Summer Student Lecture (pdf) (html).  The lecture I gave to the 2011 NRAO summer students on June 28, 2011 in Socorro. This is an update of my normal VLBI lecture. The files are pdf and html so the movies won't play. Versions that will play can be at the following links: M87 43 GHz VLBA, SS433 for a quarter cycle, and for a movie similar to the one in the presentation of the total electron content of the ionosphere through a day.

   VLBA Upgrade.  Links to my 2008 Synthesis Imaging Summer School lecture and all other lectures at that school.

   High Dynamic Range Imaging.  Links to my 2006 Synthesis Imaging Summer School lecture and all other lectures at that school.

   VLBI and High Dynamic Range Imaging.  Links to my 2004 Synthesis Imaging Summer School lectures on can be found at this site.

   VLBI .  This is the lecture on VLBI that I gave at the Eighth Synthesis Imaging Summer School in 2002.