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Click on the image if you want to see an expanded view of the beautiful radio galaxy CYGNUS A, pictured above (jpg format). If you are interested in getting a FITS version of the Cygnus A image, then write to and we can arrange for an ftp transfer. If you want something else, then read on.

Useful links

astroph papers
astroph -- my account login

NRAO links

Next Gen VLA zoom
Next Gen VLA
Atlassian Imaging + Cal meetings etc...
ngVLA Config GIT lab
ngVLA Config design google docs
NRAO Astrocloud
ETK and reqs etc...
NRAO employee services
NRAO outlook
New NRAO archive

My Links

HERA librarian
HERA github
ASPECS survey: The first CO cosmological deep field

CASA links

CASA Tutorials
CASA to AIPS task translator

My Stuff

Movie of Shape-Orientation-Size conservation using the optical interferometry lab at the ALBA synchrotron light source.
Cool gas in distant galaxies, ARAA, 51, 105
Cool gas in distant galaxies: Data tables
Talks by cc after October 2008
Talks by cc before October 2008
Max Planck Research Award 2005

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