Talks, Colloquia etc... prior to October 2008 i

Cozumel Dec 2003
Molecular line emission from high z AGN (pdf)

California Jan 2004
Colloquia at OCIW, CIT, UCB, LLNL: "Optically obscured galaxy and SMBH formation" (ppt)

Cruces Mar 2004
SDSS consortium annual guest lecture:
"Radio astronomical probes of the Epoch of Reionization" (ppt)

SKA July 2004, Penticton
SKA key science program IV: The first galaxies and AGN (ppt)

Center for Astrophysics, Sept 2004
Radio studies of cosmic reionization

Dusty 2004 -- Paris, Oct. 2004
Conference Summary -- Extragalactic

Dusty 2004 -- Paris, Oct 2004
Extragalactic science with ALMA

Ringmerg, Nov. 04
microJy radio sources

Heidelberg, July 2005
more Radio EoR studies

Berlin, July 2005
Max-Planck-Forshungspreis lecture

Washington, AAS 2006
ALMA science talk at AAS 2006

Washington, AAS 2006
Cosmos/MAMBO talk

Washington, AAS 2006
NRAO 50th Press Conference -- First Galaxies

Pasadena, May 2006
Great Observatories ALMA talk

Tucson, AZ, August 4, 2006
Future science priorities at cm/m wavelengths: distant galaxies and cosmology

Long Wavelength Astrophysics, IAU, Prague, August 2006
HI 21cm observations of cosmic reionization

GBT New Instrumentation Workshop, September 2006
A Radio Multiobject Spectrograph

Madrid ALMA Science Meeting, November 2006
Observing the first galaxies with ALMA

Astronomy from the Moon, STScI conference, November 2006
Low frequency astronomy from the moon: cosmic reionization

University of Colorado, MIT colloquia, March, April 2007
Cosmic reionization and radio astronomy

OCIW May 2007, CfA radio group, April 2007

Los Alamos, June 2007
Cosmic reionization and the HI 21cm signals

Santa Fe Cosmology Conference, July 2007
Review lectures on cosmic reionization

Galaxy evolution: radio to submm wavelength view
Summer school lecture, Multiwavelength analysis of galaxy populations, Kloster Zeeon, Bavaria, August 2007

Cosmic reionization: Intro and HI 21cm studies
Summer school lecture, Multiwavelength analysis of galaxy populations, Kloster Zeeon, Bavaria, August 2007

Case for a high frequency SKA (> 10GHz)
Chicago III, Washington DC, Sept. 2007

Science synergies with NRAO telescopes
AAS Townhall Austin 2008

The scientific promise of ALMA
UCSD, Jan 2008

Cosmis reionization and first light -- radio studies
UCSD, Jan 2008

Studying the first galaxies at radio wavelengths
Aspen Winter School, Feb 2008

Current and future science at NRAO
AUI Operations review committee, March , 2008

Pursuit of Cosmic Dawn, R. Ellis and C. Carilli
Presentation to the YPO at the Rose Planetarium, March 2008

Studying the Dark Ages with a Low Frequency Radio Telescope on the Moon
NRAO science retreat, April, 2008

Science imperatives for 2020
NRAO science retreat, April, 2008

Radio observations of the first galaxies and cosmic reionization
Naval Research Lab, April 2008

Science with existing and future NRAO telescopes
NRAO Visiting Committee, April 2008

Probing the Dark Ages from the Dark Side of the Moon
Sackler Cosmology Conference, May 2008

Sensitivity and Noise
NRAO Aperture Synthesis Summer School, June, 2008

HI 21cm studies of cosmic reionization
Kavli Institute-Peking University Summer School, July, 2008

Radio observations of the first galaxies
Kavli Institute-Peking University Workshop, July, 2008

Galaxy formation: centimeter and millimeter view
LANL Santa Fe Cosmology Summer School, July, 2008

AUI CA science talk
Charlottesvillw August 2008