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Bryan Butler's ALMA calibration stuff - joint ALMA/HIFI meeting

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This page contains links to presentations made at the joint ALMA/HIFI calibration meeting in Leiden, December 18-20, 2002.


My notes

HIFI portion

Frank Helmich Introduction to HIFI Calibration PDF
Carsten Kramer Beam Properties of HIFI PDF PowerPoint OpenOffice
Volker Ossenkopf HIFI Observing Modes and Calibration Plan PDF
Maryvonne Gerin & David Teyssier Astronomical Calibration Sources for HIFI PDF

ALMA portion

Stephane Guilloteau Introduction to ALMA Calibration PDF
Bryan Butler Astronomical Calibration Sources for ALMA PDF PowerPoint   (Mars Movie 1,   Mars Movie 2)

ALMA Calibration Group Presentations

John Conway ALMA Configurations PDF
Stephane Guilloteau Calibration Requirements with Science Examples PDF
Stephane Guilloteau ALMA Bandpass Calibration PDF
Aurore Bacmann ALMA Bandpass Calibration: Standing Waves PDF PowerPoint
Stephane Guilloteau Semi-Transparent Vane PDF
Jesus-Martin Pintado Semi-Transparent Vane Test Plan PDF PowerPoint
Juan-Ramon Pardo ATM PDF
Kate Isaak & Richard Hills WVR PDF PowerPoint
Francois Viallefond ALMA Simulations PDF

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