Configuration_Import_Export.h File Reference

#include "ace/Configuration.h"
#include "ace/SString.h"

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class  ACE_Config_ImpExp_Base
 Base class for file import/export configuration. More...

class  ACE_Registry_ImpExp
 Configuration object that imports/exports data to a file formatted using the Win32 Registry file export format. This format looks like [Section] "key"="String Data" "key"=dword: numeric data in hexidecimal format "key"=hex: binary data. More...

class  ACE_Ini_ImpExp
 Imports the configuration database from filename as strings. Allows non-typed values. (no #, dword: hex:, etc. prefixes) and skips whitespace (tabs and spaces) as in standard .ini and .conf files. Values (to right of equal sign) can be double quote delimited to embed tabs and spaces in the string. Caller must convert string to type. More...

Detailed Description

Configuration_Import_Export.h,v 4.10 2005/10/28 16:14:52 ossama Exp

Jerry D. Odenwelder Jr. <> Chris Hafey <>
Classes defined in this file provide the ability to import and export ACE Configuration objects to/from disk files. The base class ACE_Config_ImpExp_Base provides the common functionality and the derived classes implement the import/export functionality for the specific format.

-Add locking for thread safety. -Provide ability to read file in one format and write in another. -See todo's in each class

Definition in file Configuration_Import_Export.h.

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