VLA Expansion Project: Meetings/Workshops 

There have been, and will continue to be, a number of meetings regarding the VLA Expansion Project. Your participation is both welcome and encouraged!


EVLA Science Workshop, December 16-18, 2009

EVLA Advisory Committee

NSF Reviews 

2006 AAS Town Hall Meeting on EVLA

Aliasing Meeting, February 27, 2008    

Correlator Face to Face Meeting, December 11 - December 12, 2007

Correlator Face to Face Meeting, October 31 - November 01, 2006

Correlator Face to Face Meeting, April 03-05, 2006

Correlator Software Meeting, October 21-22, 2003


EVLA Planning Workshop: Defining Phase II, 23-25 August 2001

Action List and Minutes from the Weekly EVLA Coordination Meetings........[NRAO ONLY]

Minutes and Documents from EVLA Software Meetings

Minutes from the VLA to EVLA Transition Meetings

Minutes from Feed Ring Meeting

Winter 1998 Science Working Groups

...meetings of scientific working groups, in November/December 1998.

1998 VLA Upgrade Review

An open workshop was held in Socorro in June 1998 to discuss technical aspects of the EVLA, and to point out key projects which could be done with the resulting instrument.

1995 VLA Upgrade Science Workshop

An open workshop was held in Socorro in January 1995 to discuss the scientific purposes and parameters of the VLA Upgrade. The resulting book is now available on-line.

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