Meeting Schedule for the VLA Expansion Project Working Groups

Everyone is more than welcome to any or all of these meetings -- and even to set up there own, so long as they check with Rick Perley first. If you don't live in Socorro, you can call in by dialing 804/296-7082 (this requires someone to set up the phone in Charlottesville, so please let the chair of the working group know in advance if you intend to participate).

Note that all times are for New Mexico, i.e. add two hours to get to the east coast.

Date Time Subject Chair Ancillary
13 November 1998
1:00pm Galactic (all but HI) Miller Goss Minutes
17 November 1998
1:30pm Stars and the Sun Tim Bastian Minutes
19 November 1998
1:30pm Distant extragalactic (non-HI) Chris Carilli
24 November 1998
1:00pm The Magnetic Universe Frazer Owen Minutes
30 November 1998
10:00am Transient sources Dale Frail Minutes
1 December 1998
9:00am Solar system Bryan Butler Minutes
3 December 1998
1:00pm Local galaxies Michael Rupen
4 December 1998
1:00pm The Obscured Universe Joan Wrobel, Jim Ulvestad Minutes

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