The 2012 NRAO Postdoctoral Symposium


We are pleased to have Yancy Shirley, who is a former Jansky Postdoc and is currently an astronomer at the Steward Observatory (University of Arizona), as our Keynote Speaker this year. Following is the complete list of registered participants including posdocs, invited speakers, organizers and registered local scientific staff:

Lori Appel (NRAO, Socorro)
Michael Busch (UCLA and NRAO)
Claire Chandler (NRAO, Socorro)
Laura Chomiuk (Harvard and NRAO)
Stuartt Corder (ALMA and NRAO)
Miller Goss (NRAO, Socorro)
Huib Intema (NRAO, CV)
Amanda Kepley (Univ of Virginia)
Amy Kimball (NRAO, CV)
Brian Lacki (IAS and NRAO)
Sui Ann Mao (Univ Wisconsin Madison and NRAO)
Nuria Marcelino (NRAO, CV)
Juan Carlos Munoz-Mateos (NRAO, CV)
Rick Perley (NRAO, Socorro)
Robin Pulliam (NRAO, CV)
Urvashi Rau (NRAO, Socorro)
Amy Reines (NRAO, CV)
Scott Rowe (NRAO, Socorro)
Nirupam Roy (NRAO, Socorro)
Kimberly Scott (NRAO, CV)
Yancy Shirley (Univ of Arizona)
Jessica Utley (NRAO, CV)
Ran Wang (Univ of Arizona and NRAO)
Theresa Wiegert (Queen's University)
Romero, Antonette (NRAO, Socorro)

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