The 34th Annual New Mexico Symposium
  09 November 2018 - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Posters will be displayed in the SOC Common Room, located on the upper floor at the head of the main staircase. Breaks in the oral program will provide plenty of time for viewing the posters; refreshments will be served in the Common Room during the breaks.

Instructions for presenters:

-- Maximum poster size: 5 feet x 4 feet

-- At the symposium venue, please put your poster on the board with your poster number.

>> Abstract booklet (available here)

Poster Program

No. Title First Author
Past, present & future
1. ngVLA Calibration Plan Chris Hales (NRAO)
2. Current Efforts for the Preservation of Historical Solar Observations Alexander Pevtsov (NSO)
Instruments & Experiments
3. Solving the Neutrino Mass Hierarchy Problem, Despite Nuclear Structure Daine L. Danielson (LANL)
4. Data Acquisition System in High-Speed Rotating Frame for New Mexico Alpha-Omega Liquid Sodium Dynamo Experiment Jiahe Si (NMT)

Moons & Planets
5. Investigating stratification of lunar regolith through modeling of the ground based detection of the LCROSS debris plume light curve Kristen Luchsinger (NMSU)
6. Assessing the Crystallinity of Water Ice on Europa's Leading Hemisphere Jodi Berdis (NMSU)
7. Searching for Exomoons in the Radio Using the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) Marialis Rosario-Franco (NRAO & U.Texas/Arlington)
8. Investigating the Possible Mechanisms Powering the Radio Pulsations in AR Scorpii Kelly Sanderson (NMSU)
9. Radio Bright High Proper Motion Stars Montana Niccole Williams (TTU)
10. Identification of Variable Stars in K2 Mission Jorge A. Garcia (NMSU)
11. Analyzing Light Curves of M-Dwarf Stars Stephanie Flynn (The Masters Program)
12. Evolution of Low-Mass AGB Stars: An Analytical Approach to Mass-loss Formulas Henry Alexander Prager (NMT)
14. Finding Goldreich-Julian: Determining Plasma Configurations of Pulsar Magnetospheres via Test Particle Energy Minimization Keith McElroy (NMT)
15. Scattering study using Pulsars below 100 MHz Karishma Bansal (UNM)
16. Bicoherence of Quasi Periodic Oscillations from GX 339-4 Kavitha Arur (TTU)
17. Predicting the next local supernova John Middleditch (LANL)
The Galaxy
18. Probing gas inflow with GBT/ALMA mapping towards starless clump candidates Brian Svoboda (NRAO)
19. SWAG: Distribution and Kinematics of an Obscured AGB Population toward the Galactic Center Juergen Ott (NRAO)
20. Variability of Ten Silhouette Disks in the Orion Nebula Cluster in Ten Years Mackenzie James (U.Arizona)
21. Chemistry of the dense gas within the Central Molecular Zone Daniel Callanan (Harvard University)
22. Prevalent CH2DOH in Taurus Starless Cores Hannah Ambrose (U.Arizona)
23. Zeeman Effect Observations in 44 GHz Class I Methanol Masersa E. Momjian (NRAO)
24. Tracing the properties of the Sagittarius stream across the sky with LAMOST spectra Madison Walder (U.Arizona)

25. Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Globular Cluster Systems Joan Wrobel (NRAO)
26. Optimizing the Search for Gamma-Ray Counterparts to Gravitational Wave Events Collin Lewin (U.Arizona)
27. Distribution of OVI in the Circumgalactic Medium Rachel Marra (NMSU)
28. The black hole-host galaxy connection: Kinematics of a nearby AGN host Emily Walla (U.Arizona)
29. Nature vs nurture: what shapes the hybrid morphology of radio galaxies? Anna D. Kapinska (NRAO)

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