The 33rd Annual New Mexico Symposium
  3 November 2017 - National Radio Astronomy Observatory
  Registration closed. Please contact Dale Frail if you have any questions.

Posters will be displayed in the SOC Common Room, located on the upper floor at the head of the main staircaseand in the main lobby as numbered below.   Breaks in the oral program will provide plenty of time for viewing the posters; refreshments will be served in the Common Room during the breaks.
  • Posters 1-12 will have mounting spaces 4 feet wide by 5.5 feet high.
  • Posters 12-30 will have mounting spaces 5 feet wide by 4 feet high.
Poster Program:
Title First Author
1. Searching for Inflow Towards Massive Molecular Clump Candidates Identified in the Bolocam Galactic Plane Sky Survey Jenny Calahan (U. Arizona)
2. Kinematics of Massive Star Formation in the Galactic Center CMZ Natalie Butterfield (U. Iowa)
3. Long Wavelength Array Expansion Greg Taylor (UNM)
4. The Nearest Radio Stars Montana Williams (TTU)
5. ngVLA Chris Carilli (NRAO)
6. ALMA Observations of Dense Molecular Gas in the Low Metallicity Starburst NGC 5253 David S. Meier (NMT)
7. Enabling Novel Exoplanet Exploration at Low Frequencies with the EPIC Correlator Nithyanandan Thyagarajan (NRAO)
8. Search for R-Modes from a neutron star Binod Rajbhandari (TTU)
9. The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves P. Demorest (NRAO) for the NANOGrav Collaboration
10. Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Globular Cluster Systems Wrobel Joan (NRAO)
11. How Pulsars Violate the Inverse Square Law John Middleditch (LANL)
12. Scattering and Scintillation study using the LWA Karishma Bansal (UNM)
13. Evolution of Low-Mass AGB Stars: An Analytical Approach to Mass-loss Formulas Henry Prager (NMT)
14. Characterizing Exoplanet Atmospheres with NESSI Megan Hein (NMT)
15. The Role of the Magnetic Expansion in Forecasting Solar Wind Velocity Samantha Wallace (UNM)
16. A Deuteration Survey of Starless Clumps in GemOB1 and the First Quadrant Andrew Henrici (U. Arizona)
17. OH as an Alternate Tracer for Molecular Gas: Excitation Temperatures of the OH 18-cm Main Lines in W5 Philip Engelke (Johns Hopkins)
18. Characterizing SiO Masers in the BAaDE (Bulge Asymmetries and Dynamical Evolution) Project Megan Lewis (UNM)
19. Widespread Hot Ammonia in the Central Kiloparsec of the Milky Way Tierra Candelaria (NMT)
20. Wide-field Imaging with the Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) Josh Marvil (NRAO)
21. Evolution on Neutral Hydrogen Content in Galaxies as a Function of Redshift and Environments Monica Sanchez (UNM)
22. Fossil Emission Around Young Radio Galaxies and the AGN Duty Cycle Savin Varghese (UNM)
23. GBT CHANG-ES: Enhancing Radio Halos in Edge-on Galaxies Through Short-Spacing Corrections Tim Braun (UNM)
24. Proposed Low Cost Capacitive Position Sensing for Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer Jonathan F. Dooley (NMT/Magdalena Ridge Observatory)
25. ALMA Observations of the Physical and Chemical Conditions in Centaurus A Mark McCoy (NMT)
26. First results of the ALMA 1mm study toward the starburst NGC 253 IIhuiyolitzin Villicana-Pedraza (NMSU)
27. A New Deep 2-18 GHz JVLA Polarimetric Study of Cygnus A Lerato Sebokolodi (SKA Project)
28. Live VLA Sky Survey (VLASS) Display Claire Chandler (NRAO)

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