Lecture 11 - Stellar Structure I: Hydrostatic Equilibrium (2/18/99)

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ASTR012 Reading:
Chapter 16-1, P5-2, P5-6 (ZG4)

pages 43 - 46

The solar disk in the 3933A Calcium line.
(From The Sun: A Pictorial Introduction by Charbonneau & White.)

? Key Question: What determines the central pressure and temperature of a star?
! Key Principle: Hydrostatic Equilibrium
# Key Problem: Build a Model for a constant-density star.


  1. A Spherical Star
  2. Hydrostatic Equilibrium
  3. The Constant Density Star
  4. The Perfect Gas Law
  5. Mean Molecular Weight
  6. Radiation Pressure

Stellar Structure in Outline:

  1. The Pressure-Temperature Thermostat
  2. Stellar Structure

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