Sgr A* at 30 Workshop

Green Bank W.Va March 25 & 26, 2004

Program and collection of presentations and photo's


Link to the pictures taken by Bill Saxton and Miller Goss.
Links to additional pictures taken by Robin Herrnstein and Loránt Sjouwerman.

The scientific program is listed below, with the downloadable presentations if available. The number after each file extension is the approximate file size of the presentation in MegaBytes (ppt = PowerPoint, pdf = Portable Document Format, etc). Some presentations will only play well on Apple (Mac) computers.

Original program page:
Day 1. March 25. Thursday
Session I : The Discovery of Sgr A*
  WelcomeK.Y. Lo
Massive Objects at the Centers of GalaxiesR. Blandford ppt 3.3
The GBI in 1974D. Hogg ps 2.9
The Discovery of Sgr A*B. Balick and R. Brown ppt 0.9 &
pdf 2.1
Pictures of the Beaverlick site, then and nowM. Goss ppt 1.2
Session II : The Size and Structure of Sgr A* - Old and New Results
  First Determination of the Angular Size of Sgr A*K.Y. Lo
Early Jodrell Bank Observations of the Scattering Size of Sgr A*R. Booth ppt 22
Interstellar Scattering and Sgr A*D. Backer ppt 3.9
VLBA Determinations of the Size of Sgr A*G. Bower ppt 1.7
Two-epoch VLBA Imaging of Sgr A* at 86 GHzZ.-Q. Shen pdf 1.1
Polarization of Sgr A* at cm and mm WavelengthsG. Bower ppt 1.3
Session III : Results on Sgr A* and Multi-wavelength Variability
  Does Sgr A* Contain all the Mass Sensed by Stellar Orbits ?M. Reid ppt 3.4
Time Variations Sgr A* at cm and mm WavelengthsJ.-H. Zhao ppt 1.6
X-ray Variability of Sgr A*F. Baganoff ppt 3.9
Sgr A* in the near IRA. Ghez
Session IV : Theoretical Results - Sgr A*
  Introduction by the moderatorH. Falcke ppt 2.3
Sagittarius A*'s Spectrum and VariabilityF. Melia ppt 21 (Mac)
Accretion Model of Sgr A* in QuiescenceR. Narayan ppt 1.9
Variability and Flares from Accretion onto Sgr A*E. Quataert ppt 1.6
Modelling Sgr A* Flares : Non-thermal Processes in an OutflowS. Markoff ppt 1.4 &
gif 2.6 (Mac)
NIR Emission and flares from Sgr A*R. Schödel ppt 1.2
The First Aperture Synthesis Images of the Galactic CenterR. Ekers ppt 2.5
Day 2. March 26. Friday
Session V : The Environment Near Sgr A* - Mulitwavelength
  IR: Sgr A* in the mid-IR M. Morris ppt 1.5 (Mac) pdf 1.1
IR: Star Clusters in the Galactic CenterD. Figer ppt 11
IR: SOFIA's Role in Studies of the Galactic CenterE. Becklin
X-ray: XMM View of the Galactic CenterR. Warwick ppt 3.1
Radio: Low Frequency Observations of Sgr A* and its EnvironmentN. Kassim and C. Brogan pdf 2.7
Radio: Massive Star Activities Traced in the Radio C. Lang ppt 2.7
Radio: Masers in the Galactic Center : Interactions with Molecular CloudsF. Yusef-Zadeh ppt 1.4
Summary of the Workshop
  Perspectives on Sgr A* M. Morris ppt 2.7 (Mac) pdf 6.5
Ceremony for plaques for 45 foot and 85-1 telescopes (at 45-Foot Telescope).
  Link to the pictures taken by Bill Saxton and Miller Goss.
Additional pictures from Robin Herrnstein and Loránt Sjouwerman.
Poster Contributions
  A 3-D View of the Inner 10 pc of the Galaxy from High-Resolution Spectral Line ImagesR. Herrnstein pdf 2.3
A Search for Radio Transients and Variables in the Galactic CenterM. Nord ppt 1.1
Hour-long time scale radio variability in M31* and Sgr A*L. Sjouwerman pdf 0.2

In addition to the regular program, there was a less formal discussion Friday night on future (sub)millimeter VLBI observations of Sgr A*. (Presentations by H. Falcke ppt 0.8, G. Bower ppt 0.5 and S. Doeleman ppt 1.2)

Original participants page:
Participants : NameInstitution
Donald BackerUniversity of California, Berkeley
Frederick BaganoffMIT
Bruce BalickUniversity of Washington
Dana BalserNRAO-GB
Eric BecklinUCLA
Carl BignellNRAO
Roger BlandfordStanford University / SLAC
Roy BoothOnsala Space Observatory
Geoffrey BowerUC Berkeley
Jim BraatzNRAO-GB
Alan BridleNRAO - CV
Crystal BroganInstitute for Astronomy
Robert BrownNAIC
Angela CoteraSETI Institute
William CottonNRAO CV
Sheperd DoelemanMIT - Haystack Observatory
Wolfgang DuschlInstitut fuer Theoretische Astrophysik
Ron EkersATNF
Heino FalckeASTRON, Radio Observatory Westerbork
Donald FigerSTSci
Ed FomalontNRAO - CV
Andrea GhezUCLA
Frank GhigoNRAO, GB
Miller GossNRAO - Socorro
Eric GreisenNRAO - SO
Robin HerrnsteinColumbia University
David HoggNRAO-CV
William HowardRetired
Phil JewellNRAO
Namir KassimNRL
Ken KellermannNRAO-CV
Cornelia LangUniversity of Iowa
Glen LangstonNRAO, GB
Joseph LazioNaval Research Laboratory
Felix LockmanNRAO
Ron MaddalenaNRAO
Sera MarkoffMIT Center for Space Research
Brian MasonNRAO, GB
Fulvio MeliaThe University of Arizona
Anthony MinterNRAO
Maria Montero-CastanoSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Mark MorrisUCLA
Ramesh NarayanHarvard College Observatory, Center for Astrophysics
Karen O'NeilNRAO, GB
Patrick PalmerU. of Chicago
Richard PrestageNRAO
Eliot QuataertUC Berkeley
Mark ReidHarvard Smithsonian CFA
Doug RobertsNorthwestern University/Adler Planetarium
Rainer SchoedelUniversity of Cologne, Germany
Zhi-Qiang ShenShanghai Astronomical Observatory
Lorant SjouwermanNRAO
Richard SramekNRAO - Socorro
Robert WarwickUniversity of Leicester
Al WoottenNRAO - CV
Farhad Yusef-ZadehNorthwestern University
Jun-Hui ZhaoSAO, Center for Astrophysics