The 26th Annual New Mexico Symposium
  5 November 2010 - National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Posters will be displayed in the SOC Common Room, located on the upper floor at the head of the main staircase. Breaks in the oral program will provide plenty of time for viewing the posters; refreshments will be served in the Common Room during the breaks to induce participants to walk upstairs and look at the posters.
  • Posters 1-12 will have mounting spaces 4 feet wide by 5.5 feet high.
  • Posters 13-30 will have mounting spaces 5 feet wide by 4 feet high.
Poster Program:
Title Authors
1.DDA Modeling of the mid-IR absorption efficiency for crystalline forsterite: Comparisons to laboratory samples and observationsSean S. Lindsay (NMSU), Diane H. Wooden (NASA Ames Research Center), David E. Harker (UC San Diego), Michael S. Kelley (U. of Maryland), Charles E. Woodward (U. of Minnesota) & Jim R. Murphy (NMSU)
2.Ground-Based Exoplanet IR SpectroscopyH. Bloemhard, M. Creech-Eackman, C. Jurgenson, F. Santoro, P. Boston (NMT); M. Swain, P. Deroo & M. Zhao (NASA/JPL)
3.A Survey Investigating the Optical Variability of Radio Detected Ultracool DwarfsLeon K. Harding(NUI Galway), Gregg Hallinan(NRAO/UC Berkley), Richard P. Boyle(Steward Obs), Ray F. Butler & Aaron Golden(NUI Galway)
4.Short-Lived Radio Bursts from the Crab Pulsar J. Eilek (NMT/NRAO), J. Crossley (NRAO), T. Hankins (NMT/NRAO), J. Kern (NRAO)
5.Pulsar-driven Jets in Supernovae, LMXBs, SS 433, and the UniverseJohn Middleditch (LANL)
6.The Effect of Radiative Opacity on Stellar EvolutionEli Clark (Cibola High School) & Dr. Joyce Guzik (LANL)
7.SMT observations of Massive Star-Forming Regions in the CH3CN J=12 #8594; 11 rotational transitionV. Rosero (NMT), P. Hofner (NMT/NRAO), S. Kurtz (CRyA/UNAM), J. Bieging (U. of Arizona/Sterward Obs.), E. Araya (Western Illinois U) & E. Jordan (NMT)
8.Grain growth and sub-structure in protoplanetary disks: an EVLA Key Science ProjectC. Chandler, S. Corder, & A. Deller (NRAO); S. Andrews & D. Wilner (CfA); J. Carpenter, A. Isella, L. Perez, & A. Sargent (Caltech); L. Mundy & S. Storm (U. Maryland); N. Calvet (U. Michigan); C. Dullemond, T. Henning, & H. Linz (MPIfA); J. Greaves (St. Andrews); J. Lazio (JPL); L. Testi & L. Ricci (ESO)
9.Accessing the elusive yet common black hole growth and feedback processes: Results from the ATLBS, a sensitive radio surveyLakshmi Saripalli (Raman Research Institute)
10.Parsec-Scale Localization of the QSO SDSS J1536+0441A, a Candidate Binary Black Hole SystemJoan Wrobel (NRAO) & Ari Laor (Technion)
11.The Evolution of the Densest Molecular Component with Starburst Age in IC 342David S. Meier (NMT), Jean L. Turner (UCLA) & Eva Schinnerer (MPIA)
12.Unicorns, Leprechauns, and Density Waves in Galactic DisksJason Speights & Dave Westpfahl (NMT)
13.VLBA Key Science and Large ProjectsWalker Brisken (NRAO); This poster highlights the work of: G. Bower, J. Braatz, A. Deller, D. Gabuzda, M. Lister, C.-Y. Kuo, L. Loinard, A. Marsher, C. Melis, J. Miller-Jones, M. Reid, and their teams of collaborators.
14.Coherent Integration Results from the NPOI A. M. Jorgensen, T. Hall, D. Paiton (NMT), H. Schmitt, J. T. Armstrong, E. Baines, R. Hindsley, S. Restaino (NRL) & D. Mozurkewich (Seabrook Engineering)
15.Pre-Commissioning of the First Long Wavelength Array StationJoe Craig (UNM)
16.New Wideband VLBI Data Acquisition SystemJ. Romney, M. Bark, H. Ben Frej, W. Brisken, S. Durand, M. Luce, C. Walker (NRAO), A. Niell, C. Beaudoin, S. Doeleman, A. Hinton, R. McWhirter & C. Ruszczyk (MIT Haystack Obs.)
17.The Expanded Very Large Array: Status and ProspectsMichael Rupen (NRAO) for the EVLA Commissioning Team
18.Custom Beamsplitter and AR Coatings for InterferometryK. Nyland, C.A. Jurgenson (NMT), D.F. Buscher, C.A. Haniff, J.S. Young (U. of Cambridge), J. Lewis & R. Schnell (Optical Surface Technologies)
19.Fringe modulation for an MROI beam combinerT.M. McCracken, C.A. Jurgenson (NMT), D.H. Baird (David Baird Embedded Systems), J.K. Seamons, K.M. McCord (NMT), D.F. Buscher, C.A. Haniff& J.S. Young (U. of Cambridge)
20.Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer:Geosynchronous Target Imaging CapabilitiesIfan Payne (MRO)
21.Software Architecture of the Magdalena Ridge Observatory InteferometerAllen Farris, Dan Klinglesmith, John Seamons, Nicolas Torres (NMT), David Buscher, John Young (U. of Cambridge)
22.The MROI Fringe Tracker: First Fringe Experiment ResultsColby Jurgenson (MRO)
23.What the Hell is Photon Orbital Angular Momentum?Nicholas M. Elias II (NRAO))

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