26th Annual New Mexico Symposium

2010 November 5


Crystal AndersonNMT
Kurt AndersonNMSU & Apache Point Obs.
Jacques BeckersUniversity of Arizonia
Sanjay BhatnagarNRAO
David BizzozeroUNM/LANLFaster-than-Light Electromagnetic Sources and their Application to Astrophysical Objects (T)
Heather Bloemhard NMTGround-Based Exoplanet IR Spectroscopy (P)
Jack BrandtUNM
Walter BriskenNRAOVLBA Key Science and Large Projects (P)
Matt BrownNMT
Claire ChandlerNRAOGrain growth and sub-structure in protoplanetary disks: an EVLA Key Science Project (P)
Barry ClarkNRAO
Eli Clark Cibola High SchoolThe Effect of Radiative Opacity on Stellar Evolution (P)
Shang-Ying Clark Self
Tim ClarkTau Technologies
Mark ClaussenNRAO
Stirling Colgate NMIMT & LANLEmission from Helical, Force-Free Magnetic Fields, Jets & Radio Lobes (T)
Richard CosentinoNMT
Gordon CouttsNRAO
Joe Craig  UNM Pre-Commissioning of the First Long Wavelenth Array Station (P)
Patrick CraneNRL
Edward CrawfordUW Ret.
Michelle J. Creech-EakmanNMT/MROThe Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer: Progress to First Ligh and First Fringes (T)
Evan CrockettMountain View Middle School
Gregg CrockettTau Technologies
Travis CrockettSue Cleveland High School
Val CrockettTau Technologies
Vivek DhawanNRAO
Helene (Lanie) Dickel UNM
John Dickel UNM
Bob DickmanNRAO
Jayce DowellUNM
Jessica DowellIndiana University
Stas EdelNMT
Jean Eilek NMTShort-Lived Radio Bursts from the Crab Pulsar (P)
Nicholas M. Elias IINRAOWhat the Hell is Photon Orbital Angular Momentum? (P)
Liuzzo ElisabettaIRA-INAF-BO
Allen Farris NMTSoftware Architecture of the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Inteferometer (P)
Dave FinleyNRAO
Dale Frail NRAOClocks Around the Rock (T)
Miller GossNRAO
Jim GunnPrinceton University
Joyce Ann Guzik LANLIs there Dark Matter in the Sun? (T)
Todd HainesLANL/Physics Division
Thomas HallNMT
Gregg HallinanNRAO and UC BerkeleyProbing the Magnetospheres of Brown Dwarfs with the EVLA and VLBI (T)
Tim HankinsNMT/NRAO
Leon HardingNUI GalwayA Survey Investigating the Optical Variability of Radio Detected Ultracool Dwarfs (P)
Jake HartmanNRL
Peter HofnerNMT/NRAO
Jill KnappPrinceton University
Roger KoppLANL
Anders M. JorgensenNMTCoherent Integration Results fromt the NPOI (P)
Colby JurgensonMROThe MROI Fringe Tracker: Fringe Experiment Results (P)
Miriam Krauss NRAOEVLA Nova (eNova) Project: First Results (T)
Patrick LeahyNMT
Sean LindsayNMSUDDA Modeling of the mid-IR absorption efficiency for crystalline forsterite: Comparisons to laboratory samples and observations (P)
Justin Linford UNMCharacteristics of Gamma-Ray Loud Blazars in the VLBA Imaging and Polarimetry Survey (T)
Maria LinfordCNM
Catherine LovekinLANLMass Loss in Rotaing Stellar Models (T)
Danielle LuceroNMT
David MartinUNM
Josh MarvilNMT
John MatthewsUNM
Tyler McCracken NMT-MROFringe modulation for an MROI Beam Combiner (P)
David S MeierNMTThe Evolution of the Densest Molecular Component with Starburst Age in IC 342 (P)
Bob MeslerUNM
John MiddleditchLANLPulsar-driven Jets in Supernovae, LMXB's, Ss 433, and the Universe (P)
Charles MillerNMSU3-D Simulations of the Cold, Thin Atmospheres of Triton and Pluto (T)
Amy MioduszewskiNRAO
Emmanuel MomjianNRAO
Jim MurphyNMSU
Taylor MurphyNMT
Steve MyersNRAO
Susan NeffNASAs GSFC
Kristina NylandNMTCustom Beamsplitter and AR Coatings for Interferometrym(P)
Anthony OrtizUNM
Juergen OttNRAO
Frazer OwenNRAO
Grady OwensNMT
Dylan PaitonNMT
Maria PattersonNMSU
Ifan PayneMROMagdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer: Geosynchronous Target Imagin Capabilities (P)
Rick PerleyNRAO
Rose S. PereaNMSU
Ylva PihlstromUNM
Vikram Ravi UC BerkeleyThe big, the small and the red-radio stars with the upgraded ATCA (T)
Jonathan RomneyNRAONew Wideband VLBI Data Acquisition System (P)
Viviana Rosero-Rueda NMTSMT observations of Massive Star-Forming Regions in the CH3CN J=12 & #8594; 11 rotational transition  (P)
Nirupam Roy NRAOEffect a dark matter halo substructures on galaxy rotation curves  (T)
Michael RupenNRAOThe Expand Very Large Array: Status and prospects (P)
John RussellNMT
Lakshmi Saripalli Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, IndiaAccessing the elusive yet common black hole growth and feedback processes: Results from the ATLBS, a sensitive radio survey.  (P)
Luke SchmidtNMT
Marie SchmidtLos Alamos High School
Jiahe SiNMT
Susan SimkinRetired-MSU
Lorant SjouwermanNRAO
Jason SpeightsNMTUnicorns, Leprechauns, and Density Waves in Galactic Disks (P)
Ravi Subrahmanyan  Raman Research Institute, IndiaInterferometer image of Sunyaev Zeldovich Effect in the Bullet Cluster. (T)
Ken SowinskiNRAO
Greg Taylor  UNM The First Station of the Long Wavelength Array  (T)
Steven Tremblay UNMCompact Symmetric Objects in theVLBA Imaging and Polarimetry Survey: A Study of half-pint radio galaxies.  (T)
Paul Vanden BoutNRAO
Gustaaf van MoorselNRAO
Urvashi  Rao VenkataNRAOEVLA Pilot Project For a Wide-band Galactic  Survey: First Results (T)
R. Craig WalkerNRAO
Rene WalterbosNMSU
Dave WestpfahlNMT
Stephen WhiteAFRL
Tristan WolfeNMT
Joan Wrobel NRAOParsec-Scale Localization of the QSO SDSS J1536+0441A, a Candidate Binary Black Hole System  (P)
Lisa YoungNMT
Laura ZschaechnerUNM
Andrea Schmidt Zweifel UNM/LANLComparisons between Ground-based, Artificial  "Pulsars" and Data from Pulsar Observations. (T)