The 26th Annual New Mexico Symposium
  5 November 2010 - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

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9:00-9:05Welcome Bob Dickman (NRAO)
9:05-9:20Effect of dark matter halo substructures on galaxy rotation curvesNirupam Roy (NRAO)
9:20-9:35Characteristics of Gamma-Ray Loud Blazars in the VLBA Imaging and Polarimetry SurveyJustin D. Linford, Gregory Taylor (UNM), Joseph F. Helmboldt (Naval Research Laboratory), Rodrgio Reeves, Joey Richards (Caltech), Garret Cotter, University of Oxford
9:35-9:50Compact Symmetric Objects in the VLBA Imaging and Polarimetry Survey: A study of half-pint radio galaxiesS.E. Tremblay (UNM), G.B. Taylor (UNM), J.F. Helmboldt (NRL), R.W. Romani (Stanford), A.C.S. Readhead (Caltech), T.J. Pearson (Caltech)
9:50-10:05Emission from Helical, Force-Free Magnetic Fields, Jets & Radio LobesStirling Colgate (NMIMT & LANL), Ken Fowler (UC Berkeley) & Hui Li (LANL)
10:05-10:20Clocks Around the RockDale Frail (NRAO)
10:20-10:35EVLA Pilot Project For a Wide-band Galactic Plane Survey: First ResultsUrvashi R.V., S.Bhatnagar, D.A.Green, M.Rupen, R.Perley, & K.Golap (NRAO)
10:35-11:15 Break and Posterscommon room
11:15-12:15Jansky Lecture: The formation and evolution of massive proto-disk galaxiesReinhard Genzel (MPE, UC Berkley)
12:15-1:45 Lunch
1:45-2:00The First Station of the Long Wavelength ArrayG.B Taylor of UNM on behalf of the LWA Collaboration
2:00-2:15The Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer: Progress to First Light and First FringesMichelle J. Creech-Eakman (NMT/MRO)
2:15-2:30Is there Dark Matter in the Sun?Joyce Ann Guzik (LANL), L. Scott Watson (Sandia Nat. Lab), Daniel Cumberbatch (U. Sheffield) , Joseph Silk (Oxford U.), and Stephen M. West (U. London)
2:30-2:453-D Simulations of the Cold, Thin Atmospheres of Triton and PlutoCharles Miller, Nancy J. Chanover, James R. Murphy (NMSU)
2:45-3:00Probing the Magnetospheres of Brown Dwarfs with the EVLA and VLBIGregg Hallinan (NRAO, UC Berkley)
3:00-3:15Mass Loss in Rotating Stellar Models C.C. Lovekin (LANL)
3:15-4:00 Break and Posterscommon room
4:00-4:15The big, the small and the red - radio stars with the upgraded ATCAVikram Ravi (UC Berkeley), Kitty Lo (University of Sydney, Australia), George Hobbs (Australia Telescope National Facility), David Champion (MPIfR), Michael Keith (Australia Telescope National Facility), Dayal Wickramasinghe (Australian National University) & Gregg Hallinan (NRAO)
4:15-4:30The EVLA Nova (ENova) Project: First ResultsMiriam Krauss (NRAO)
4:30-4:45Comparisons between Ground-based, Artificial "Pulsars" and Data from Pulsar Observations A. Schmidt Zweifel (LANL), J. Singleton (NHMFL), J. Middleditch (LANL), D. Bizzozero (UNM/LANL), Z. Wang (LANL), Q. Marksteiner (LANL), H. Ardavan (University of Cambridge)
4:45-5:00Faster-than-Light Electromagnetic Sources and their Application to Astrophysical ObjectsDavid Bizzozero (UNM/LANL), John Singleton, Andrea Schmidt (LANL)
5:00-5:15Interferometer image of Sunyaev Zeldovich Effect in the Bullet ClusterR Subrahmanyan and S S Malu (RRI,India), M H Wieringa (CSIRO-CAS, Australia), D Narasimha (TIFR, India)
5:30-8:00Cocktails and Dinner Macey Center
8:00-9:00Public Jansky Lecture Workman 101

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