Graduate Research Assistant, New Mexico Tech
Education and Public Outreach, National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Contact information

Email (NMT): tyler [.dot.] cohen [@at@] student [.dot.] nmt [.dot.] edu

Email (NRAO): tcohen [@at@] nrao [.dot.] edu
Phone (NRAO): (575) 835-7496

Address: 1003 Lopezville Rd Socorro, NM 87801 USA
Office (NMT): Workman 319
Office (NRAO): SOC 200G
About me

I am a graduate student at the New Mexico Inst. of Mining and Technology studying astrophysics. My research focuses on the radio emission from pulsars and how pulsars can be used as detectors of nHz-frequency gravitational waves. Concurrently, I work on understanding the galactic population of pulsars. My research advisor is Paul Demorest. In addition to my graduate studies, I work in the Education and Public Outreach department of NRAO, giving tours of the Very Large Array and developing educational astronomy curriculum and local programming.

I received my bachelors degree in Astronomy and Physics from Stony Brook University where I worked on classical novae and fast radio bursts. After graduating from Stony Brook, I worked as a research intern at Gemini North in Hawaii on high-redshift galaxy clusters.

For more information, see my CV.