Lecture 14 - Star Formation (3/2/99)

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ASTR012 Reading:
Chapter 15-2, 15-3 (ZG4)

pages 54 - 56

The open cluster M16 and the associated Eagle Nebula in Serpens. (Courtesy SEDS)
? Key Question: Where do stars form?
! Key Principle: Protostellar Collapse
# Key Problem: What are the requirements for a cloud core to collape?


  1. Dust Revisited
  2. Pressure Equilibrium of Clouds in ISM
  3. Protostellar Collapse

Star Formation in Outline:

  1. Under Pressure: The Ideal Gas Law
  2. Gravitational Heating
  3. Gravitational Stability
  4. Angular Momentum
  5. Magnetic Fields
  6. Stages of Protostellar Collapse

Star Formation in our Galaxy

The Eagle Nebula M16, courtesy HST/STSCI

The Hubble Space Telescope has given us breathtaking views of the nebular sites of star formation on our galaxy. The gaseous pillars of the Eagle nebula shown above are spectacular. Similarly, the Great Nebula in Orion has a number of protostellar objects outlined againts the bright gas.

Also, see the spectacular Orion Mosaic MPEG Movie from HST!

Some examples:

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