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TFCrop algorithm for RFI identification and flagging

Urvashi R.V.

Date: 5 Feb, 2011 (Updated : 23 Feb 2011)


This note summarizes the TFCrop autoflag algorithm and its usage within CASA.

To use the TFCrop algorithm in casapy ( > r14184), type : execfile '/users/rurvashi/evla_rfi/' . Type 'help tfcrop' for inline documentation.
Note : you will need ds9, xpaset, xpaget in your PATH. For this reason, this implementation is not part of any formal casapy release, and is meant only for internal use.

The original implementation of this algorithm is described in NCRA Technical Report 202 (October 2003).

R. V. Urvashi 2011-07-01