CS209: Practicum in System Administration
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Tuesdays 9:30a -- 10:20a
MSEC 195

This class was last updated in Spring 2000.

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K. Scott Rowe


Concepts, current methods and theories of modern system administration. Discussion of topics such as data integrity, problem solving, security, and useful tools. Students should have a basic computer knowledge (e.g. feel comfortable navigating the filesystem, understand difference between video card and hard drive, etc...).


Suggested Requirements

Assignments, Tests and Quizes

Date Description
Feb. 1, 2000 Assignment 1 (Script Fu)
Feb. 29, 2000 Quiz 1
Mar. 7, 2000 Quiz 1.5 (Make-up Quiz)
Mar. 28, 2000 Assignment 2
Solution to Assignment 2
April 18, 2000 Assignment 3
April 18, 2000 Quiz 2.0
May 2, 2000 Final Exam


Date Topic
Jan. 18 Definition of a SysAdmin
Jan. 25 Review and References
Feb. 1 Scripting and Tools   Assignment 1
Feb. 8 Problem Solving
Feb. 15 System Integrity
Feb. 22 More System Integrity
Feb. 29 Being Prepared and Thinking Ahead
Mar. 7 Lingo and Real World (Midterms)
Mar. 14 Spring Break
Mar. 21 Security
Mar. 28 More Security   Assignment 2
Apr. 4 Even More Security
Apr. 11 Performance Tuning
Apr. 18 System Design
Apr. 25 Legality and Policies and Interacting With Users
May 2 Final Exam
May 9 Finals Week (go take real tests)

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