Eric W. Greisen

This page was last updated 13 August 2009.

I am a Scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, stationed at NRAO's Array Operations Center in Socorro, NM. My main job at the present time is to develop and maintain the software package known as AIPS. I even find time for a bit of life.

New stuff below this page includes new bird pictures from all over the places including Churchill (Manitoba), Belize, Morocco, Oaxaca (Mexico), Romania, Magee Marsh (Ohio), San Blas (Mexico), Ithaca (New Yourk), Spain, England, Colorado, Trinidad and Tobago, Southern California, Oregon, Texas, Green Bay (WI) to Duluth (MN), New Mexico, Alaska, Maryland, Virginia, etc. The pets pages have also been updated.

I would rather be ...

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Eric W. Greisen