Eric W. Greisen

This page was last updated 26 December 2000.

I am a Scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. I have been stationed at NRAO's headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia since 1972. For a variety of reasons, I have been transferred to the NRAO's Array Operations Center in Socorro, New Mexico. This puts me close to the Very Large Array and the control center for the Very Long Baseline Array and to the large number of scientists visiting the AOC. It also puts me only 20 miles from the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge and not far from various mountains and refuges attractive to wildlife.

My house in Charlottesville has been sold. My realtor Mary Newton, who I recommend, may be reached at

I have a new house in Socorro. My home phone is 505-835-0670 and my office phone is 505-835-7236. I have taken some pictures of my new home. Click on the small picture to see a larger version. Note the mature Southwest landscaping in both front and back.

[My new home] [My new home]

My new home looking at the left (South) front (with previous owners' cars) and right (North) front from the East.

[My new home] [Hot tub] [My new home]

My new home looking from the West at the North back (with large storage shed, hot tub, and patio), the (now former) hot tub, and looking at the South back (with patio).

[Cactus] [Snow]

Back yard plantings in Fall and Winter.

[Saurus Crane] [Saurus Crane]

Visitors to the back yard.

[Agave in bloom] [Agave in bloom] [Agave in bloom]

Agave in bloom: August 2001.

Eric W. Greisen