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A Minimal Schedule for Planning.

SCHED input files can be simple for simple situations. The following file is about as simple as a SCHED file can get. It is set up for exploring the u-v and sky coverage, and times of availability, of a list of sources using the plotting abilities of SCHED and using the UPTIME optimization mode to give overlapping 24 hour schedules for each source.

!  Example of very simple SCHED file - for making uv etc plots.
overwrit                 !  Allow writing over old output files.
expcode  = UVCOV         !  Needed for name of summary file. 
obstype  = NONE          !  No tape recording.
nosetup                  !  No setup file.
optmode  = uptime        !  Planning mode.
opdur    = 24:00:00      !  Look at a whole day.
opminant = 4             !  Minimum number of antennas that must be up.
opminel  = 15            !  Don't include scans below this elevation.
year     = 1996  day = 1 !  Year and day.
start    = 00:00:00      !  Start time for plots.
dur      = 10:00         !  Ten minute scans.
stations = SC, HN, NL, FD, LA, PT, KP, OV, BR, MK
source   = DA193 /
source   = 3C120 /
! End of example.

If the above file were named uvcov.key, it could be run with the commands:

plot sch=uvcov.key /
When the plot section is reached, a graphical interface will appear that is reasonably obvious how to use.

Craig Walker 2014-06-17