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Thirteenth Synthesis Imageing Workshop, May-June 2012

These are photos I took at the Thirteenth Synthesis Imageing Workshop in June 2012. Amy Mioduszewski, who organized the workshop, requested that I take the group photo on Friday, June 1 at the DSOC. I used the setup that has worked well before where the students are on the grass outside the auditorium and the photographer is on the patio on the second floor outside the old library. I have included a few samples here, and have given Amy full size copies of the one I liked the best.

I was as hike organizer for the larger of the hikes offered on Saturday, June 2. We took the students by bus to Water Canyon picnic area. From there they walked to the summit of South Baldy via either Copper Canyon or the road. Those on the road, and those who came back to the bottom from Copper Canyon, had the option to ride to the top in cars we had circulating up and down the road. At the summit, we had tours of the Langmuir Laboratory lightning research facility at the summit conducted by Jake Trueblood and Jeff Lapierre. Down the ridge a mile or so, we had tours of the Magdalena Ridge Observatory interferometer beam combiner facility conducted by Colby Jurgenson and Tyler McCracken. After the tours, students had the option of walking or riding down.

The signup sheet had 105 names on it and there were a couple of people who asked to come without signing up. We didn't get an actual count. Our scheme for determining if everyone is back, which involves collecting name tags, then redistributing them at the end, probably saved one group of 5 from having to hitch back to Socorro when they managed to evade our trail and road sweeps.

I was at the meeting dinner at Macey Center on Monday evening and took some photos there. A few are included.

On Tuesday, I was as a tutor for the VLBA phase referencing tutorial on Tuesday. The photos from that day are mostly of activities at lunch time (frisby) and at the end when we all watched the transit of Venus in front of the Sun from the AOC and from the Etscorn Observatory on the other side of the golf course.

Synthesis Imaging Workshop Group Photos.
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Above is the photo I sent to Amy to be the official group photo. It is the only one of the set here that has been processed from the raw file. The rest are camera jpgs.

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Click on the image for a screen size version. The "2000" and "full size" versions are larger (not available in web versions).

Hike and MRO Tour.

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Click on the image for a screen size version. The "2000" and "full size" versions are larger (not available in web versions).

The view at the first big switchback, called Point Zero by some. Unfortunately smoke from the huge fire in the Gila Wilderness seriously degraded the visibility compared to normal on the mountain.

The road looking uphill at Point Zero.

Emily Richards was the lead hiker on the road. Here she is about half way up at Point Zero.

The summit of South Baldy (10,800') as seen from the part way to MRO. If you look very closely, you can see that there are something of a crowd on the top and a number of vehicles parked just below the gate on the road below the ridge.

The MRO Interferometer buildings, located about a mile along the ridge south from the summit.

I managed to take enough time out from driving to take a tour. Here Colby Jurgenson is explaining the telescope pads. The telescopes are not yet in place.

Colby explaining the configurations. They are called A, B, C, and D like the VLA, but are in the opposite size order. The resolution will be sub-milliarcsecond, more like the VLBA than the VLA.

Here Colby is showing one of the delay line carts that run in the pipe.

Looking down the delay line room.


The Meeting Dinner at Macey Center.

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Rick Perley on the steps.

Jeff Lapierre, Kristina Nyland, and Yelena Stein.

I was trying to find the name of the lead road hiker in order to label her photo in the hiking set. I found her at the dinner but didn't have a pen, so took a picture clearly showing her name tag. She is Emily Richards.

Christoph Grossberger

Jennifer West

Yet again, Tech started the sprinklers in the outside seating area while people were sitting there. It happened at the last school. This time, unlike last time, no computers were damaged.


The Tuesday Tutorial Day and Venus Transit.

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Click on the image for a screen size version. The "2000" and "full size" versions are larger (not available in web versions).

The lunch eating area on the tutorial day.

Urvashi intently explaining something.

Watching the frisby and soccer (football) games.

The frisby and soccer games. I tried for some action shots of the frisby, then joined in for much of the break.

I was shooting with a 35mm lens so the closer-up action shots are heavily cropped. That is the only lens I had with me.

The transit of Venus begins. This was the image on the Sunspotter shown in the next photo.

A Sunspotter. There was one at the AOC and 4 at Etscorn.

Watching outside the AOC.

Near the limb with the sunspotter. I'm not sure if the lack of sharpness is the telescope or poor focus on my part.

Later from Etscorn, after walking over there across the golf course.

This is the setup for the last picture.

Looking through the eyepiece of a larger telescope. The centering is obviously not too good. Venus is near the left edge almost in the part that didn't come through.

This is the telescope of the last picture.

The next 3 photos pan across the area where the telescopes were set up outside.

Drew Medlin with his camera properly attached to the telescope inside the doom. He was taking a time lapse sequence. Between photos, people could look with live view.

Heidi Medlin and the telescope in the dome.

I took a couple of shots from the berm around the observatory area.

Dave Finley and Jon Romney.

Two of the Sunspotter devices.

This small telescope, and one of the bigger ones, was equipped with an H alpha filter.

Another of Dave Finley and Jon Romney.

Starting them young.