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       R. Craig Walker   Home Page

I am a staff scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, working at the Array Operations Center in Socorro New Mexico, USA. My research interests are mainly in the area of high resolution observations of extragalactic radio sources. Most of my time is spent in observatory and user support, especially related to the Very Long Baseline Array.

See the press release about our M87 joint TeV/VLBA results.

PRESENTATION SLIDES: In this area, I have HTML versions of the slides used in some talks.

PUBLICATIONS: This page contains links, with the aid of ADS, to most of my publications.

ASTRONOMICAL IMAGES: Some astronomical images I have made (Not much yet).

SOCORRO: Follow this link to see some photos of Socorro and surrounding region.

PIE TOWN HOLOGRAPHY: This link leads to some photos of the equipment being used to do holography on the Pie Town VLBA antenna.

VLBA FIBER CONNECTIONS: This gives some of what we know relating to a possible future project to connect the VLBA with fiber for real time correlation. This is getting somewhat out of date - it was last updated in March 2005.

TELESCOPE PICTURES: This is a collection of photos I have taken of telescopes and other astronomy related subjects. (not much yet)

MARKII Correlator:The old NRAO Mark II VLBI correlator is at risk of being thrown out. These photos show its condition in March 2004. There is also a photo related to the EVLA first fringes.

UV SCENARIOS: This section gives the UV coverage for some hypothetical VLBI arrays, mostly consisting of the VLBA plus some station station someone has asked about.

PHOTOGRAPHS from trips etc. Includes photos of Hein Hvatum.

My personal home page outside NRAO.

LINKS: Some useful web links.

M87 Project: Prelimary results, including a movie, from a project to study the dynamics of the base of the M87 jet using the VLBA at 43 GHz.

Local pages. Access limited to NRAO network sites.

SCHED: I support the program used for scheduling VLBI observations on the VLBA, the European VLBI Network (EVN), and for other astronomical VLBI observations.  The html version of the SCHED Manual is at this link. The manual for the beta version available inside NRAO is here.

Here are a couple of sample SCHED plots useful for proposal and observation planning. They are here to help tempt observers to use the plotting capabilities of SCHED.

UV coverage--  UPTIME plot

This page is very much under construction, although changes are happening slowly.