Here are some of my astronomical images.

So far there isn't much, but I will work on it.

Movie of 3C120 from 1.7 GHz VLBA monitoring observations. This is based on data from 1994.44, 1997.70, 2000.68, and 2002.76. The clearly visible portion of the jet extends about 250 milliarcsecond (mas) from the core. There is low level emission visible in the original images but difficult to see here that extends about twice as far. The scale is about 0.65 pc per mas and the resolution is 4 by 12.5 mas. The faster features are moving at an apparent speed of about 6 times the speed of light which indicates that they are moving near the speed of light nearly along the line-of-sight.
GIF version of 3C120 (21MB)
MPEG version (209kB - smaller but does not play smoothly on some systems).