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Bryan Butler's ALMA Week 2003 Calibration Session Stuff - Agenda, Background, etc...

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ALMA will provide a tremendous advance in sensitivity and resolution at millimeter wavelengths--about two orders of magnitude over existing arrays. Additionally, unlike existing array practice, ALMA images will contain all of the flux emitted from astronomical objects, achieving excellent image fidelity. ALMA's advances in in sensitivity, resolution and image fidelity require that ALMA also have as a goal an advance in calibration accuracy. In this session we will discuss the calibration plan which is emerging to attempt to meet this goal.

Date, Time, Place:
Date: Thursday, June 5
Time: 13:30 - 17:45
Room: Small Meeting Room 1
Chair: Al Wootten


   5m  Introduction   Butler

       Amplitude Calibration  
  10m     Introduction   Guilloteau
  10m     Tests of Dual-Load System   Welch
  10m     Tests of S/T-Vane System   Pintado
  20m     New Grid System   Guilloteau, Lamb  
  20m     New Absolute Scheme   Welch
  10m     Mod to New Absolute Scheme   Guilloteau
  10m     Receiver Gain Stability   Guilloteau
          (Note: this is not strictly speaking a "calibration" topic,
           but is closely enough related that I thought we should
           include it)
  10m     Discussion

  10m  Break

       Phase Calibration
  10m     Introduction   Wootten
  10m     Fast Switching   Holdaway
  10m     Discussion
       (Note: there is an entire session on WVR issues in the afternoon
        on Friday June 6, so most discussion related to that topic will
        be deferred to that session)

       Bandpass Calibration
  10m     Introduction   Guilloteau
  20m     Use of Astronomical Sources   Guilloteau
  10m     Discussion

       Polarization Calibration
  10m     Introduction   Butler
  10m     Discussion

  20m  Miscellaneous (Antenna Location, Focus, Delay, etc...)   Butler

  10m     Introduction   Hasegawa
   5m     Discussion

  15m  Milestones    Guilloteau, Wootten, Butler

Background Information:

   Amplitude Calibration, general:
     MMA Memo 211
     ALMA Memo 372 and reviews
     ALMA Memo 434 and reviews
   Amplitude Calibration, dual-load system:
     MMA Memo 225
     ALMA Memo 422 and reviews
     Douglas' and Jack's writeup of recent results
   Amplitude Calibration, S/T-vane system:
     ALMA Memo 423 and reviews
     Jesus' presentation at the Leiden calibration meeting
     Jesus' (and others) recent results at the 30-m
     Jesus' (and others) even more recent results at the 30-m
   Amplitude Calibration, new wire grid system:
     Stephane's ASAC presentation
     Houde et al. 2001 (OVRO experience)
   Amplitude Calibration, Jack's new scheme:
     Jack's proposal
     Stephane's modification
   Amplitude Calibration, receiver gain stability:
     ALMA Memo 454
     ALMA Memo 466

   Phase Calibration, general:
     MMA Memo 262
     MMA Memo 229
     MMA Memo 144
   Phase Calibration, fast switching:
     ALMA Memo 404 and reviews
     ALMA Memo 403 and reviews

     note that I've left off memos describing actual site measurements, and the WVR related ones
     (see the WVR session at ALMA Week...).

   Bandpass Calibration, general:
     Stephane's presentation at the Leiden calibration meeting
     ALMA Memo 372 and reviews
   Bandpass Calibration, standing waves:
     Aurore's presentation at the Leiden calibration meeting

   Polarization Calibration, general:
     MMA Memo 208

   Miscellaneous, antenna location:
     ALMA Memo 427 and reviews
     Sovers et al. 1998 (the VLBI way)
   Miscellaneous, focus:
     ALMA Memo 372 and reviews

   ACA calibration:
     ALMA Memo 387
     Mark's draft on whether ACA needs WVRs or not

     original milestone list

Bryan Butler
Email: bbutler at nrao dot edu
Snail mail:
     1003 Lopezville Rd.
     Socorro, NM    87801
Phone: 505.835.7261

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