os_time.h File Reference

#include "ace/config-lite.h"
#include "ace/os_include/sys/os_types.h"

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struct  timespec


typedef timespec timespec_t
typedef const struct timespecACE_TIMESPEC_PTR

Typedef Documentation

typedef const struct timespec* ACE_TIMESPEC_PTR

Definition at line 108 of file os_time.h.

Referenced by ACE_OS::cond_timedwait(), and ACE_OS::nanosleep().

typedef struct timespec timespec_t

Referenced by ACE_Time_Value::ACE_Time_Value(), ACE_OS::cond_timedwait(), ACE_OS::mutex_lock(), ACE_Time_Value::operator timespec_t(), ACE::recv(), ACE::recvfrom(), ACE::recvmsg(), ACE::recvv(), ACE_OS::sema_wait(), ACE::send(), ACE::sendmsg(), ACE::sendto(), ACE::sendv(), ACE_Time_Value::set(), ACE_OS::sigtimedwait(), and ACE_OS::sleep().

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