ACE_Malloc_Lock_Adapter_T< ACE_LOCK > Class Template Reference

Template functor adapter for lock strategies used with ACE_Malloc_T. More...

#include <Malloc_T.h>

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Public Member Functions

ACE_LOCK * operator() (const ACE_TCHAR *myname)

Detailed Description

template<class ACE_LOCK>
class ACE_Malloc_Lock_Adapter_T< ACE_LOCK >

Template functor adapter for lock strategies used with ACE_Malloc_T.

This class acts as a factory for lock strategies that have various ctor signatures. If the lock strategy's ctor takes an ACE_TCHAR* as the first and only required parameter, it will just work. Otherwise use template specialization to create a version that matches the lock strategy's ctor signature. See ACE_Process_Semaphore and ACE_Thread_Semaphore for examples.

Definition at line 888 of file Malloc_T.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class ACE_LOCK>
ACE_LOCK * ACE_Malloc_Lock_Adapter_T< ACE_LOCK >::operator() const ACE_TCHAR myname  ) 

Definition at line 1035 of file Malloc_T.cpp.


01036 {
01037   ACE_LOCK *p = 0;
01038   if (name == 0)
01039     ACE_NEW_RETURN (p, ACE_LOCK (name), 0);
01040   else
01041     ACE_NEW_RETURN (p, ACE_LOCK (ACE::basename (name,
01042                                                 ACE_DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR_CHAR)),
01043                     0);
01044   return p;
01045 }

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