ACE_Event_Tuple Class Reference

An ACE_Event_Handler and its associated ACE_HANDLE. More...

#include <Select_Reactor_Base.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACE_Event_Tuple (void)
 Default constructor.

 ACE_Event_Tuple (ACE_Event_Handler *eh, ACE_HANDLE h)

 ~ACE_Event_Tuple (void)

bool operator== (const ACE_Event_Tuple &rhs) const
 Equality operator.

bool operator!= (const ACE_Event_Tuple &rhs) const
 Inequality operator.

Public Attributes

ACE_HANDLE handle_

 ACE_Event_Handler associated with the ACE_HANDLE.

Detailed Description

An ACE_Event_Handler and its associated ACE_HANDLE.

One ACE_Event_Handler is registered for one or more ACE_HANDLE. At various points, this information must be stored explicitly. This class provides a lightweight mechanism to do so.

Definition at line 79 of file Select_Reactor_Base.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_INLINE ACE_Event_Tuple::ACE_Event_Tuple void   ) 

Default constructor.

Definition at line 31 of file Select_Reactor_Base.inl.

00032 :  handle_ (ACE_INVALID_HANDLE),
00033    event_handler_ (0)
00034 {
00035 }

ACE_INLINE ACE_Event_Tuple::ACE_Event_Tuple ACE_Event_Handler eh,


Definition at line 38 of file Select_Reactor_Base.inl.

00040 : handle_ (h),
00041   event_handler_ (eh)
00042 {
00043 }



Definition at line 10 of file Select_Reactor_Base.inl.

00011 {
00012 }

Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE bool ACE_Event_Tuple::operator!= const ACE_Event_Tuple rhs  )  const

Inequality operator.

Definition at line 52 of file Select_Reactor_Base.inl.

00053 {
00054   return !(*this == rhs);
00055 }

ACE_INLINE bool ACE_Event_Tuple::operator== const ACE_Event_Tuple rhs  )  const

Equality operator.

Definition at line 46 of file Select_Reactor_Base.inl.

References handle_.

00047 {
00048   return this->handle_ == rhs.handle_;
00049 }

Member Data Documentation

ACE_Event_Handler* ACE_Event_Tuple::event_handler_

ACE_Event_Handler associated with the ACE_HANDLE.

Definition at line 102 of file Select_Reactor_Base.h.

Referenced by ACE_Priority_Reactor::build_bucket(), and ACE_Priority_Reactor::dispatch_io_set().

ACE_HANDLE ACE_Event_Tuple::handle_


Definition at line 99 of file Select_Reactor_Base.h.

Referenced by ACE_Priority_Reactor::dispatch_io_set(), and operator==().

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