Token_Invariants.h File Reference

#include "ace/config-all.h"
#include "ace/Map_Manager.h"
#include "ace/Local_Tokens.h"
#include "ace/Null_Mutex.h"

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class  ACE_Mutex_Invariants
 Mutex Invariants = INVARIANTS 1. Only one owner at a time. More...

class  ACE_RWLock_Invariants
 RWLock Invariants. More...

class  ACE_Token_Invariant_Manager
 Token Invariants. More...

Detailed Description

Token_Invariants.h,v 4.24 2005/10/28 23:55:10 ossama Exp

Tim Harrison (
Allows applications to test that invariants are always satisfied. Can test mutexes and readers/writer locks. Does not test recursive acquisition.

Definition in file Token_Invariants.h.

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