OS_TLI.h File Reference

#include "ace/config-all.h"
#include "ace/OS_Errno.h"
#include "ace/ACE_export.h"
#include "ace/OS_TLI.inl"

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namespace  ACE_OS


#define ACE_EXPORT_MACRO   ACE_Export
#define ACE_INLINE   inline


int t_accept (int fildes, int resfd, struct t_call *call)
char * t_alloc (int fildes, int struct_type, int fields)
int t_bind (int fildes, struct t_bind *req, struct t_bind *ret)
int t_close (int fildes)
int t_connect (int fildes, struct t_call *sndcall, struct t_call *rcvcall)
void t_error (const char *errmsg)
int t_free (char *ptr, int struct_type)
int t_getinfo (int fildes, struct t_info *info)
int t_getname (int fildes, struct netbuf *namep, int type)
int t_getstate (int fildes)
int t_listen (int fildes, struct t_call *call)
int t_look (int fildes)
int t_open (char *path, int oflag, struct t_info *info)
int t_optmgmt (int fildes, struct t_optmgmt *req, struct t_optmgmt *ret)
int t_rcv (int fildes, char *buf, unsigned int nbytes, int *flags)
int t_rcvconnect (int fildes, struct t_call *call)
int t_rcvdis (int fildes, struct t_discon *discon)
int t_rcvrel (int fildes)
int t_rcvudata (int fildes, struct t_unitdata *unitdata, int *flags)
int t_rcvuderr (int fildes, struct t_uderr *uderr)
int t_snd (int fildes, const char *buf, unsigned int nbytes, int flags)
int t_snddis (int fildes, struct t_call *call)
int t_sndrel (int fildes)
int t_sndudata (int fildes, struct t_unitdata *unitdata)
int t_sync (int fildes)
int t_unbind (int fildes)


struct t_optmgmt 

Detailed Description

OS_TLI.h,v 4.21 2006/01/23 22:20:25 shuston Exp

Doug Schmidt <schmidt@cs.wustl.edu>

Definition in file OS_TLI.h.

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#define ACE_EXPORT_MACRO   ACE_Export

Definition at line 30 of file OS_TLI.h.

#define ACE_INLINE   inline

Definition at line 288 of file OS_TLI.h.

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int t_accept int  fildes,
int  resfd,
struct t_call *  call

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_accept().

char* t_alloc int  fildes,
int  struct_type,
int  fields

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_alloc().

int t_bind int  fildes,
struct t_bind *  req,
struct t_bind *  ret

Referenced by ACE_TLI_Connector::connect(), ACE_ATM_QoS::construct_options(), ACE_TLI_Acceptor::open(), open_new_endpoint(), ACE_OS::t_bind(), and ACE_OS::t_getname().

int t_close int  fildes  ) 

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_close().

int t_connect int  fildes,
struct t_call *  sndcall,
struct t_call *  rcvcall

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_connect().

void t_error const char *  errmsg  ) 

int t_free char *  ptr,
int  struct_type

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_free().

int t_getinfo int  fildes,
struct t_info *  info

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_getinfo().

int t_getname int  fildes,
struct netbuf *  namep,
int  type

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_getname().

int t_getstate int  fildes  ) 

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_getstate().

int t_listen int  fildes,
struct t_call *  call

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_listen().

int t_look int  fildes  ) 

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_look().

int t_open char *  path,
int  oflag,
struct t_info *  info

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_open().

int t_optmgmt int  fildes,
struct t_optmgmt *  req,
struct t_optmgmt *  ret

Referenced by ACE_TLI::get_option(), ACE_ATM_Stream::get_vpi_vci(), ACE_TLI::set_option(), and ACE_OS::t_optmgmt().

int t_rcv int  fildes,
char *  buf,
unsigned int  nbytes,
int *  flags

int t_rcvconnect int  fildes,
struct t_call *  call

Referenced by ACE_TLI_Connector::complete().

int t_rcvdis int  fildes,
struct t_discon *  discon

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_rcvdis().

int t_rcvrel int  fildes  ) 

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_rcvrel().

int t_rcvudata int  fildes,
struct t_unitdata *  unitdata,
int *  flags

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_rcvudata().

int t_rcvuderr int  fildes,
struct t_uderr *  uderr

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_rcvuderr().

int t_snd int  fildes,
const char *  buf,
unsigned int  nbytes,
int  flags

int t_snddis int  fildes,
struct t_call *  call

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_snddis().

int t_sndrel int  fildes  ) 

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_sndrel().

int t_sndudata int  fildes,
struct t_unitdata *  unitdata

int t_sync int  fildes  ) 

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_sync().

int t_unbind int  fildes  ) 

Referenced by ACE_OS::t_unbind().

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Definition at line 166 of file OS_TLI.h.

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