OS_NS_stropts.h File Reference

#include "ace/config-all.h"
#include "ace/os_include/os_stropts.h"
#include "ace/os_include/os_stdio.h"
#include "ace/ACE_export.h"
#include "ace/OS_NS_stropts.inl"

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namespace  ACE_OS


struct  ACE_Protocol_Info
class  ACE_Str_Buf
 Simple wrapper for STREAM pipes strbuf. More...


#define ACE_IOCTL_TYPE_ARG2   int
#define ACE_EXPORT_MACRO   ACE_Export
#define ACE_INLINE   inline


typedef void(* ACE_OVERLAPPED_COMPLETION_FUNC )(unsigned long error, unsigned long bytes_transferred, ACE_OVERLAPPED *overlapped, unsigned long flags)
typedef unsigned long ACE_SOCK_GROUP

Detailed Description

OS_NS_stropts.h,v 1.8 2006/02/28 00:23:12 shuston Exp

Douglas C. Schmidt <schmidt@cs.wustl.edu>

Jesper S. M|ller<stophph@diku.dk>

and a cast of thousands...

Originally in OS.h.

Definition in file OS_NS_stropts.h.

Define Documentation

#define ACE_EXPORT_MACRO   ACE_Export

Definition at line 39 of file OS_NS_stropts.h.

#define ACE_INLINE   inline

Definition at line 167 of file OS_NS_stropts.h.

#define ACE_IOCTL_TYPE_ARG2   int

Definition at line 29 of file OS_NS_stropts.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* ACE_OVERLAPPED_COMPLETION_FUNC)(unsigned long error, unsigned long bytes_transferred, ACE_OVERLAPPED *overlapped, unsigned long flags)

Definition at line 61 of file OS_NS_stropts.h.

Referenced by ACE_OS::ioctl(), ACE_SOCK_Dgram::recv(), ACE_OS::recvfrom(), ACE_SOCK_Dgram::send(), and ACE_OS::sendto().

typedef unsigned long ACE_SOCK_GROUP

Definition at line 65 of file OS_NS_stropts.h.

Referenced by ACE_ATM_Params::ACE_ATM_Params(), ACE_SOCK::ACE_SOCK(), ACE_SOCK_Acceptor::ACE_SOCK_Acceptor(), ACE_SOCK_Connector::ACE_SOCK_Connector(), ACE_SOCK_Dgram::ACE_SOCK_Dgram(), ACE_SOCK_SEQPACK_Acceptor::ACE_SOCK_SEQPACK_Acceptor(), ACE_SOCK_Connector::connect(), ACE_SOCK_SEQPACK_Acceptor::open(), ACE_SOCK_Dgram::open(), ACE_SOCK_Acceptor::open(), ACE_SOCK::open(), ACE_MEM_Acceptor::open(), ACE_ATM_Params::set_sock_group(), ACE_SOCK_SEQPACK_Connector::shared_open(), ACE_SOCK_Connector::shared_open(), and ACE_OS::socket().

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