OS_NS_dirent.cpp File Reference

#include "ace/OS_NS_dirent.h"
#include "ace/OS_NS_errno.h"
#include "ace/OS_NS_string.h"
#include "ace/Log_Msg.h"
#include "ace/OS_NS_stdlib.h"

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typedef int(* ACE_SCANDIR_COMPARATOR )(const void *, const void *)

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Definition at line 37 of file OS_NS_dirent.cpp.


Definition at line 40 of file OS_NS_dirent.cpp.

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typedef int(* ACE_SCANDIR_COMPARATOR)(const void *, const void *)

Definition at line 26 of file OS_NS_dirent.cpp.

Referenced by ACE_OS::scandir_emulation().

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