Logging_Strategy.h File Reference

#include "ace/Service_Object.h"
#include "ace/Log_Msg.h"

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class  ACE_Logging_Strategy
 This class provides the hooks to control the output produced by any of the network services. More...


#define ACE_DEFAULT_LOGFILE_POLL_INTERVAL   600 /* Seconds */

Detailed Description

Logging_Strategy.h,v 4.17 2006/05/23 15:51:32 schmidt Exp

Prashant Jain <pjain@cs.wustl.edu>

Orlando Ribeiro <oribeiro@inescporto.pt>

Definition in file Logging_Strategy.h.

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#define ACE_DEFAULT_LOGFILE_POLL_INTERVAL   600 /* Seconds */

Definition at line 25 of file Logging_Strategy.h.

Referenced by ACE_Logging_Strategy::ACE_Logging_Strategy(), and ACE_Logging_Strategy::parse_args().

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