High_Res_Timer.h File Reference

#include "ace/ACE_export.h"
#include "ace/Basic_Types.h"
#include "ace/OS_NS_time.h"
#include "ace/Time_Value.h"
#include "ace/High_Res_Timer.inl"

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class  ACE_High_Res_Timer
 A high resolution timer class wrapper that encapsulates OS-specific high-resolution timers, such as those found on Solaris, AIX, Win32/Pentium, and VxWorks. More...



Detailed Description

High_Res_Timer.h,v 4.65 2006/01/25 19:50:07 jwillemsen Exp

Douglas C. Schmidt <schmidt@cs.wustl.edu>

Definition in file High_Res_Timer.h.

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Definition at line 129 of file High_Res_Timer.h.

Referenced by ACE_Throughput_Stats::dump_throughput(), ACE_High_Res_Timer::global_scale_factor(), and ACE_High_Res_Timer::hrtime_to_tv().

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